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FrameAnalyzer.cpp File Reference
#include "libmythbase/mythlogging.h"
#include "CommDetector2.h"
#include "FrameAnalyzer.h"
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bool frameAnalyzer::rrccinrect (int rr, int cc, int rrow, int rcol, int rwidth, int rheight)
void frameAnalyzer::frameAnalyzerReportMap (const FrameAnalyzer::FrameMap *frameMap, float fps, const char *comment)
void frameAnalyzer::frameAnalyzerReportMapms (const FrameAnalyzer::FrameMap *frameMap, float fps, const char *comment)
long long frameAnalyzer::frameAnalyzerMapSum (const FrameAnalyzer::FrameMap *frameMap)
bool frameAnalyzer::removeShortBreaks (FrameAnalyzer::FrameMap *breakMap, float fps, int minbreaklen, bool verbose)
bool frameAnalyzer::removeShortSegments (FrameAnalyzer::FrameMap *breakMap, long long nframes, float fps, int minseglen, bool verbose)
FrameAnalyzer::FrameMap::const_iterator frameAnalyzer::frameMapSearchForwards (const FrameAnalyzer::FrameMap *frameMap, long long mark, long long markend)
FrameAnalyzer::FrameMap::const_iterator frameAnalyzer::frameMapSearchBackwards (const FrameAnalyzer::FrameMap *frameMap, long long markbegin, long long mark)