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1 bool checkStoragePaths(QStringList &probs);
2 bool checkImageStoragePaths(QStringList &probs);
3 bool checkChannelPresets(QStringList &probs);
4 bool checkInputDisplayNames(QStringList &probs);
5 bool CheckSetup(QStringList &problems);
6 bool needsMFDBReminder();
bool CheckSetup(QStringList &problems)
Build up a string of common problems that the user should correct in the MythTV-Setup program.
Definition: checksetup.cpp:278
bool checkStoragePaths(QStringList &probs)
Do the Storage Group filesystem paths exist? Are they writable? Is the Live TV filesystem large enoug...
Definition: checksetup.cpp:43
bool checkInputDisplayNames(QStringList &probs)
Definition: checksetup.cpp:242
bool needsMFDBReminder()
Definition: checksetup.cpp:286
bool checkImageStoragePaths(QStringList &probs)
Definition: checksetup.cpp:119
bool checkChannelPresets(QStringList &probs)
Definition: checksetup.cpp:174