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DVDStream Class Reference

Stream content from a DVD image file. More...

#include <dvdstream.h>

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class  BlockRange

Public Member Functions

 DVDStream (const QString &filename)
 ~DVDStream () override
long long GetReadPosition (void) const override
 Returns how far into the file we have read. More...
bool IsOpen (void) const override
 Returns true if open for either reading or writing. More...
bool OpenFile (const QString &lfilename, uint retry_ms=0) override
 Opens a dvd device for streaming. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from RingBuffer
 ~RingBuffer () override=0
 Deletes. More...
void SetWriteBufferSize (int newSize)
void SetWriteBufferMinWriteSize (int newMinSize)
 Calls ThreadedFileWriter::SetWriteBufferMinWriteSize(int) More...
void SetOldFile (bool is_old)
 Tell RingBuffer if this is an old file or not. More...
void UpdateRawBitrate (uint raw_bitrate)
 Set the raw bit rate, to allow RingBuffer adjust effective bitrate. More...
void UpdatePlaySpeed (float play_speed)
 Set the play speed, to allow RingBuffer adjust effective bitrate. More...
void EnableBitrateMonitor (bool enable)
void SetBufferSizeFactors (bool estbitrate, bool matroska)
 Tells RingBuffer that the raw bitrate may be innacurate and the underlying container is matroska, both of which may require a larger buffer size. More...
void SetWaitForWrite (void)
QString GetSafeFilename (void)
QString GetFilename (void) const
 Returns name of file used by this RingBuffer. More...
QString GetSubtitleFilename (void) const
QString GetLastError (void) const
bool GetCommsError (void) const
void ResetCommsError (void)
bool GetStopReads (void) const
 Returns value of stopreads. More...
bool isPaused (void) const
 Returns false iff read-ahead is not running and read-ahead is not paused. More...
QString GetDecoderRate (void)
QString GetStorageRate (void)
QString GetAvailableBuffer (void)
uint GetBufferSize (void)
long long GetWritePosition (void) const
 Returns how far into a ThreadedFileWriter file we have written. More...
long long GetRealFileSize (void) const
 Returns the size of the file we are reading/writing, or -1 if the query fails. More...
bool IsNearEnd (double fps, uint vvf) const
virtual bool IsStreamed (void)
virtual bool IsSeekingAllowed (void)
virtual bool IsBookmarkAllowed (void)
virtual int BestBufferSize (void)
RingBufferType GetType () const
int GetReadBufAvail () const
 Returns number of bytes available for reading from buffer. More...
bool SetReadInternalMode (bool mode)
bool IsReadInternalMode (void)
bool IsDisc (void) const
bool IsDVD (void) const
bool IsBD (void) const
const DVDRingBufferDVD (void) const
const BDRingBufferBD (void) const
DVDRingBufferDVD (void)
BDRingBufferBD (void)
virtual bool StartFromBeginning (void)
virtual void IgnoreWaitStates (bool)
virtual bool IsInMenu (void) const
virtual bool IsInStillFrame (void) const
virtual bool IsInDiscMenuOrStillFrame (void) const
virtual bool HandleAction (const QStringList &, int64_t)
virtual bool ReOpen (const QString &="")
int Read (void *buf, int count)
 This is the public method for reading from a file, it calls the appropriate read method if the file is remote or buffered, or a BD/DVD. More...
int Peek (void *buf, int count)
void Reset (bool full=false, bool toAdjust=false, bool resetInternal=false)
 Resets the read-ahead thread and our position in the file. More...
long long Seek (long long pos, int whence, bool has_lock=false)
 Seeks to a particular position in the file. More...
void Pause (void)
 Pauses the read-ahead thread. More...
void Unpause (void)
 Unpauses the read-ahead thread. More...
void WaitForPause (void)
 Waits for Pause(void) to take effect. More...
void Start (void)
 Starts the read-ahead thread. More...
void StopReads (void)
 ???? More...
void StartReads (void)
 ???? More...
bool LiveMode (void) const
 Returns true if this RingBuffer has been assigned a LiveTVChain. More...
void SetLiveMode (LiveTVChain *chain)
 Assigns a LiveTVChain to this RingBuffer. More...
void IgnoreLiveEOF (bool ignore)
 Tells RingBuffer whether to ignore the end-of-file. More...
int Write (const void *buf, uint count)
 Writes buffer to ThreadedFileWriter::Write(const void*,uint) More...
bool IsIOBound (void) const
void WriterFlush (void)
 Calls ThreadedFileWriter::Flush(void) More...
void Sync (void)
 Calls ThreadedFileWriter::Sync(void) More...
long long WriterSeek (long long pos, int whence, bool has_lock=false)
 Calls ThreadedFileWriter::Seek(long long,int). More...
bool WriterSetBlocking (bool lock=true)
 Calls ThreadedFileWriter::SetBlocking(bool) More...
long long SetAdjustFilesize (void)

Protected Member Functions

int safe_read (void *data, uint size) override
long long SeekInternal (long long pos, int whence) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RingBuffer
 RingBuffer (RingBufferType rbtype)
void run (void) override
 Runs the Qt event loop unless we have a QRunnable, in which case we run the runnable run instead. More...
void CreateReadAheadBuffer (void)
void CalcReadAheadThresh (void)
 Calculates m_fillMin, m_fillThreshold, and m_readBlockSize from the estimated effective bitrate of the stream. More...
bool PauseAndWait (void)
int ReadPriv (void *buf, int count, bool peek)
 When possible reads from the read-ahead buffer, otherwise reads directly from the device. More...
int ReadDirect (void *buf, int count, bool peek)
bool WaitForReadsAllowed (void)
int WaitForAvail (int count, int timeout)
virtual long long GetRealFileSizeInternal (void) const
int ReadBufFree (void) const
 Returns number of bytes available for reading into buffer. More...
int ReadBufAvail (void) const
 Returns number of bytes available for reading from buffer. More...
void ResetReadAhead (long long newinternal)
 Restart the read-ahead thread at the 'newinternal' position. More...
void KillReadAheadThread (void)
 Stops the read-ahead thread, and waits for it to stop. More...
uint64_t UpdateDecoderRate (uint64_t latest=0)
uint64_t UpdateStorageRate (uint64_t latest=0)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from MThread
int exec (void)
 Enters the qt event loop. call exit or quit to exit thread. More...
 MThread (const QString &objectName)
 Standard constructor. More...
 MThread (const QString &objectName, QRunnable *runnable)
 Use this constructor if you want the default run() method to run the QRunnable's run() method instead of entering the Qt event loop. More...
virtual ~MThread ()
 MThread (const MThread &)=delete
MThreadoperator= (const MThread &)=delete
void RunProlog (void)
 Sets up a thread, call this if you reimplement run(). More...
void RunEpilog (void)
 Cleans up a thread's resources, call this if you reimplement run(). More...
QThread * qthread (void)
 Returns the thread, this will always return the same pointer no matter how often you restart the thread. More...
void setObjectName (const QString &name)
QString objectName (void) const
void setPriority (QThread::Priority priority)
QThread::Priority priority (void) const
bool isFinished (void) const
bool isRunning (void) const
void setStackSize (uint stackSize)
uint stackSize (void) const
void exit (int retcode=0)
 Use this to exit from the thread if you are using a Qt event loop. More...
void start (QThread::Priority p=QThread::InheritPriority)
 Tell MThread to start running the thread in the near future. More...
void terminate (void)
 Kill a thread unsafely. More...
void quit (void)
 calls exit(0) More...
bool wait (unsigned long time=ULONG_MAX)
 Wait for the MThread to exit, with a maximum timeout. More...

Private Types

using list_t = QList< BlockRange >

Private Member Functions


Private Attributes

dvd_reader_tm_reader {nullptr}
uint32_t m_start {0}
list_t m_list
uint32_t m_pos {0}
int m_title {-1}

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from RingBuffer
static RingBufferCreate (const QString &xfilename, bool write, bool usereadahead=true, int timeout_ms=kDefaultOpenTimeout, bool stream_only=false)
 Creates a RingBuffer instance. More...
static QString BitrateToString (uint64_t rate, bool hz=false)
static void AVFormatInitNetwork (void)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from RingBuffer
static const int kDefaultOpenTimeout = 2000
static const int kLiveTVOpenTimeout = 10000
static QMutex s_subExtLock
static QStringList s_subExt
static QStringList s_subExtNoCheck
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from MThread
static void setTerminationEnabled (bool enabled=true)
static void sleep (unsigned long time)
static void msleep (unsigned long time)
static void usleep (unsigned long time)
static void ThreadSetup (const QString &name)
 This is to be called on startup in those few threads that haven't been ported to MThread. More...
static void ThreadCleanup (void)
 This is to be called on exit in those few threads that haven't been ported to MThread. More...
static void Cleanup (void)
 This will print out all the running threads, call exit(1) on each and then wait up to 5 seconds total for all the threads to exit. More...
static void GetAllThreadNames (QStringList &list)
static void GetAllRunningThreadNames (QStringList &list)
- Protected Attributes inherited from RingBuffer
RingBufferType m_type
QReadWriteLock m_posLock
long long m_readPos {0}
long long m_writePos {0}
long long m_internalReadPos {0}
long long m_ignoreReadPos {-1}
QReadWriteLock m_rbrLock
int m_rbrPos {0}
QReadWriteLock m_rbwLock
int m_rbwPos {0}
volatile bool m_stopReads {false}
QString m_safeFilename
QReadWriteLock m_rwLock
QString m_filename
QString m_subtitleFilename
QString m_lastError
ThreadedFileWriterm_tfw {nullptr}
int m_fd2 {-1}
bool m_writeMode {false}
RemoteFilem_remotefile {nullptr}
uint m_bufferSize {BUFFER_SIZE_MINIMUM}
bool m_lowBuffers {false}
bool m_fileIsMatroska {false}
bool m_unknownBitrate {false}
bool m_startReadAhead {false}
char * m_readAheadBuffer {nullptr}
bool m_readAheadRunning {false}
bool m_reallyRunning {false}
bool m_requestPause {false}
bool m_paused {false}
bool m_ateof {false}
bool m_waitForWrite {false}
bool m_beingWritten {false}
bool m_readsAllowed {false}
bool m_readsDesired {false}
volatile bool m_recentSeek {true}
bool m_setSwitchToNext {false}
uint m_rawBitrate {8000}
float m_playSpeed {1.0F}
int m_fillThreshold {65536}
int m_fillMin {-1}
int m_readBlockSize {CHUNK}
int m_wantToRead {0}
int m_numFailures {0}
bool m_commsError {false}
bool m_oldfile {false}
LiveTVChainm_liveTVChain {nullptr}
bool m_ignoreLiveEOF {false}
long long m_readAdjust {0}
int m_readOffset {0}
bool m_readInternalMode {false}
bool m_bitrateMonitorEnabled {false}
QMutex m_decoderReadLock
QMap< qint64, uint64_t > m_decoderReads
QMutex m_storageReadLock
QMap< qint64, uint64_t > m_storageReads
QWaitCondition m_generalWait
 Condition to signal that the read ahead thread is running. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from MThread
MThreadInternalm_thread {nullptr}
QRunnable * m_runnable {nullptr}
bool m_prologExecuted {true}
bool m_epilogExecuted {true}
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from MThread
static const int kDefaultStartTimeout

Detailed Description

Stream content from a DVD image file.

Definition at line 20 of file dvdstream.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ list_t

using DVDStream::list_t = QList<BlockRange>

Definition at line 44 of file dvdstream.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DVDStream()

DVDStream::DVDStream ( const QString &  filename)

Definition at line 52 of file dvdstream.cpp.

◆ ~DVDStream()

DVDStream::~DVDStream ( )

Definition at line 58 of file dvdstream.cpp.

Member Function Documentation


DVDStream::Q_DISABLE_COPY ( DVDStream  )

◆ GetReadPosition()

long long DVDStream::GetReadPosition ( void  ) const

Returns how far into the file we have read.

Implements RingBuffer.

Definition at line 276 of file dvdstream.cpp.

◆ IsOpen()

bool DVDStream::IsOpen ( void  ) const

Returns true if open for either reading or writing.

Implements RingBuffer.

Definition at line 157 of file dvdstream.cpp.

◆ OpenFile()

bool DVDStream::OpenFile ( const QString &  lfilename,
uint  retry_ms = 0 

Opens a dvd device for streaming.

lfilenamePath of the dvd device to read.
retry_msIgnored. This value is part of the API inherited from the parent class.
Returns true if the dvd was opened.

Implements RingBuffer.

Definition at line 78 of file dvdstream.cpp.

Referenced by DVDStream().

◆ safe_read()

int DVDStream::safe_read ( void *  data,
uint  size 

Implements RingBuffer.

Definition at line 166 of file dvdstream.cpp.

◆ SeekInternal()

long long DVDStream::SeekInternal ( long long  pos,
int  whence 

Implements RingBuffer.

Definition at line 246 of file dvdstream.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_reader

dvd_reader_t* DVDStream::m_reader {nullptr}

Definition at line 40 of file dvdstream.h.

Referenced by IsOpen(), OpenFile(), safe_read(), SeekInternal(), and ~DVDStream().

◆ m_start

uint32_t DVDStream::m_start {0}

Definition at line 41 of file dvdstream.h.

Referenced by OpenFile(), and safe_read().

◆ m_list

list_t DVDStream::m_list

Definition at line 45 of file dvdstream.h.

Referenced by OpenFile(), and safe_read().

◆ m_pos

uint32_t DVDStream::m_pos {0}

Definition at line 47 of file dvdstream.h.

Referenced by GetReadPosition(), safe_read(), and SeekInternal().

◆ m_title

int DVDStream::m_title {-1}

Definition at line 48 of file dvdstream.h.

Referenced by safe_read().

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