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1 #ifndef _mythtv_m3u_h_
2 #define _mythtv_m3u_h_
4 #include <cinttypes>
6 #include <QDateTime>
8 namespace M3U
9 {
10  QString DecodedURI(const QString& uri);
11  QString RelativeURI(const QString& surl, const QString& spath);
12  QString ParseAttributes(const QString& line, const char* attr);
13  bool ParseDecimalValue(const QString& line, int& target);
14  bool ParseDecimalValue(const QString& line, int64_t& target);
15  bool ParseVersion(const QString& line, const QString& loc, int& version);
16  bool ParseStreamInformation(const QString& line,
17  const QString& url,
18  const QString& loc,
19  int& id, uint64_t& bandwidth);
20  bool ParseTargetDuration(const QString& line, const QString& loc,
21  int& duration);
22  bool ParseSegmentInformation(int version, const QString& line,
23  uint& duration, QString& title,
24  const QString& loc);
25  bool ParseMediaSequence(int64_t & sequence_num, const QString& line,
26  const QString& loc);
27  bool ParseKey(int version, const QString& line, bool& aesmsg,
28  const QString& loc, QString &path, QString &iv);
29  bool ParseProgramDateTime(const QString& line, const QString& loc,
30  QDateTime &date);
31  bool ParseAllowCache(const QString& line, const QString& loc,
32  bool& do_cache);
33  bool ParseDiscontinuity(const QString& line, const QString& loc);
34  bool ParseEndList(const QString& loc, bool& is_vod);
35 }
37 #endif
bool ParseProgramDateTime(const QString &line, const QString &loc, QDateTime &)
Definition: m3u.cpp:365
bool ParseAllowCache(const QString &line, const QString &loc, bool &do_cache)
Definition: m3u.cpp:377
bool ParseStreamInformation(const QString &line, const QString &url, const QString &loc, int &id, uint64_t &bandwidth)
Definition: m3u.cpp:115
QString RelativeURI(const QString &surl, const QString &spath)
Definition: m3u.cpp:16
bool ParseTargetDuration(const QString &line, const QString &loc, int &duration)
Definition: m3u.cpp:164
bool ParseDiscontinuity(const QString &line, const QString &loc)
Definition: m3u.cpp:408
bool ParseKey(int version, const QString &line, bool &aesmsg, const QString &loc, QString &path, QString &iv)
Definition: m3u.cpp:279
bool ParseDecimalValue(const QString &line, int &target)
Return the decimal argument in a line of type: blah:<decimal> presence of value <decimal> is compulso...
Definition: m3u.cpp:52
unsigned int uint
Definition: compat.h:140
bool ParseVersion(const QString &line, const QString &loc, int &version)
Definition: m3u.cpp:82
Definition: m3u.cpp:7
QString DecodedURI(const QString &uri)
Definition: m3u.cpp:9
bool ParseSegmentInformation(int version, const QString &line, uint &duration, QString &title, const QString &loc)
Definition: m3u.cpp:183
bool ParseMediaSequence(int64_t &sequence_num, const QString &line, const QString &loc)
Definition: m3u.cpp:257
QString ParseAttributes(const QString &line, const char *attr)
Definition: m3u.cpp:27
bool ParseEndList(const QString &loc, bool &is_vod)
Definition: m3u.cpp:416