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mythdate.cpp File Reference
#include <QtGlobal>
#include <QCoreApplication>
#include "mythcorecontext.h"
#include "mythdate.h"
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QDateTime MythDate::current (bool stripped=false)
 Returns current Date and Time in UTC. More...
QString MythDate::current_iso_string (bool stripped=false)
 Returns current Date and Time in UTC as a string. More...
QDateTime MythDate::as_utc (const QDateTime &dt)
 Returns copy of QDateTime with TimeSpec set to UTC. More...
QDateTime MythDate::fromString (const QString &dtstr)
 Converts kFilename && kISODate formats to QDateTime. More...
MBASE_PUBLIC QDateTime MythDate::fromString (const QString &dt, const QString &format)
 Converts dy in format to QDateTime. More...
MBASE_PUBLIC QDateTime MythDate::fromSecsSinceEpoch (uint seconds)
 This function takes the number of seconds since the start of the epoch and returns a QDateTime with the equivalent value. More...
QString MythDate::toString (const QDateTime &datetime, uint format=MythDate::kDateTimeFull)
 Returns formatted string representing the time. More...
QString MythDate::toString (const QDate date, uint format)
 Returns a formatted QString based on the supplied QDate. More...
std::chrono::seconds MythDate::toSeconds (QTime time)
 Returns the total number of seconds since midnight of the supplied QTime. More...
std::chrono::milliseconds MythDate::currentMSecsSinceEpochAsDuration (void)
std::chrono::seconds MythDate::secsInPast (const QDateTime &past)
std::chrono::seconds MythDate::secsInFuture (const QDateTime &future)