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1 // -*- Mode: c++ -*-
3 #ifndef _UTIL_XV_H_
4 #define _UTIL_XV_H_
6 #include <QString>
7 #include <QMap>
9 #include "videobuffers.h"
10 #include "exitcodes.h"
12 class port_info
13 {
14  public:
16  int port;
17  QMap<QString,int> attribs;
18 };
20 extern QMap<int,port_info> open_xv_ports;
22 extern void close_all_xv_ports_signal_handler(int sig);
23 extern bool add_open_xv_port(MythXDisplay *disp, int port);
24 extern void del_open_xv_port(int port);
25 extern bool has_open_xv_port(int port);
26 extern uint cnt_open_xv_port(void);
27 extern QString xvflags2str(int flags);
28 extern bool xv_is_attrib_supported(
29  MythXDisplay *disp, int port, const char *name,
30  int *current_value = nullptr, int *min_val = nullptr, int *max_val = nullptr);
31 extern bool xv_set_attrib(MythXDisplay *disp, int port,
32  const char *name, int val);
33 extern bool xv_get_attrib(MythXDisplay *disp, int port,
34  const char *name, int &val);
35 extern void save_port_attributes(int port);
36 extern void restore_port_attributes(int port, bool clear = true);
38 #endif // _UTIL_XV_H_
QMap< QString, int > attribs
Definition: util-xv.h:17
bool add_open_xv_port(MythXDisplay *disp, int port)
Definition: util-xv.cpp:96
bool has_open_xv_port(int port)
Definition: util-xv.cpp:128
This file is intended to hold X11 specific utility functions.
Definition: mythxdisplay.h:16
unsigned int uint
Definition: compat.h:140
void restore_port_attributes(int port, bool clear=true)
Definition: util-xv.cpp:73
bool xv_get_attrib(MythXDisplay *disp, int port, const char *name, int &val)
Definition: util-xv.cpp:217
void del_open_xv_port(int port)
Definition: util-xv.cpp:114
void close_all_xv_ports_signal_handler(int sig)
Definition: util-xv.cpp:24
static void clear(SettingsMap &cache, SettingsMap &overrides, const QString &myKey)
Definition: mythdb.cpp:830
void save_port_attributes(int port)
Definition: util-xv.cpp:46
QMap< int, port_info > open_xv_ports
Definition: util-xv.cpp:22
const char * name
Definition: ParseText.cpp:328
uint cnt_open_xv_port(void)
Definition: util-xv.cpp:133
bool xv_is_attrib_supported(MythXDisplay *disp, int port, const char *name, int *current_value=nullptr, int *min_val=nullptr, int *max_val=nullptr)
Definition: util-xv.cpp:154
bool xv_set_attrib(MythXDisplay *disp, int port, const char *name, int val)
Definition: util-xv.cpp:204
int port
Definition: util-xv.h:16
MythXDisplay * disp
Definition: util-xv.h:15
QString xvflags2str(int flags)
Definition: util-xv.cpp:138