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Italian language for MythWeb - still untraslated

  • new file modules/_shared/lang/Italian.lang

    diff --git modules/_shared/lang/Italian.lang modules/_shared/lang/Italian.lang
    new file mode 100644
    index 0000000..13756ee
    - +  
     3"# Tracks"
     4"$1 B"
     5"$1 day"
     6"$1 days"
     7"$1 episode"
     8"$1 episodes"
     9"$1 GB"
     10"$1 hr"
     11"$1 hrs"
     12"$1 is not responding."
     13"$1 KB"
     14"$1 MB"
     15"$1 min"
     16"$1 mins"
     17"$1 month"
     18"$1 months"
     19"$1 programs, using $2 ($3) out of $4 ($5 free)."
     20"$1 recording"
     21"$1 recordings"
     22"$1 requests pending."
     23"$1 Search"
     24"$1 TB"
     25"$1 to $2"
     26"$1 wasted"
     27"$1 year"
     28"$1 years"
     29"%s Song (%s)"
     30"%s Songs"
     31"%s Songs (%s)"
     32"(height is calculated automatically from the recording aspect ratio)"
     33"1 - Lowest"
     34"4 - Highest"
     40"Add Album to Current Playlist"
     41"Add Mix"
     42"Add Song to Current Playlist"
     43"add string"
     44"Add this Playlist as a Subplaylist"
     45"Additional Tables"
     46"Additional tables:"
     47"Admin Key"
     49"Advanced Options"
     50"Advanced Search"
     54"Album Listing"
     55"Album Tracks"
     57"Albums with songs by %s"
     59"All Albums"
     60"All Categories"
     61"All Fields"
     62"All Genres"
     63"All groups"
     64"All HDTV"
     65"All Hosts"
     66"All recordings"
     67"All Songs"
     69    Allo Ciné
     70"Allows you to match any string of any length (including zero length)"
     71"Allows you to match on a single character"
     72"Allows you to search through other database tables when using a power search"
     73"An error occurred while adding your playlist."
     76"Any Category"
     77"Any Channel"
     78"Any Program Type"
     80"Append to Current Playlist"
     81"Are you sure you want to delete the following show?"
     82"Are you sure you want to DELETE THIS SAVED PLAYLIST?"
     83"Artist Listing"
     85"Artists Beginning with %s"
     86"ASX Stream"
     87"Audio Bitrate"
     88"Audio for Hearing Impaired"
     89"Audio for Visually Impaired"
     90"Auto Expire"
     91"Auto-expire recordings"
     92"Auto-flag commercials"
     95"Avoid poor signal quality"
     97"Back Tab"
     98"Back to the program listing"
     99"Back to the recorded programs"
     100"Back to the recording schedules"
     101"Backend Logs"
     102"Backend Status"
     104"Begin a New Search"
     108"Browse = no"
     109"Browse = yes"
     110"Browse all"
     111"Browse All Albums"
     112"Browse Music"
     113"Browse the Music Database"
     114"By Artist Beginning With"
     115"By Genre"
     117    Alternative PHP Cache (Recommended)
     119    Enable a cache engine?
     121    Memcache
     123    Memcached (binary)
     125    Disabled
     127    Unix Shared Memory
     130"Cancel this schedule."
     132"Caps Lock"
     136"Category Legend"
     138"Chan. Callsign"
     139"Chan. Name"
     140"Chan. Number"
     143"Channel "Jump to""
     144"Channel Detail"
     145"Channel Info"
     148"Check for duplicates in"
     149"Children's Movies"
     150"Choose Genre.."
     151"Choose Type"
     152"Clear the current default session"
     153"Click to disable Auto Expire"
     154"Click to enable Auto Expire"
     155"Click to View Playlist"
     156"Close Captioned priority"
     157"Closed Captioning"
     161"Commercial free"
     162"Commercials Flagged"
     169"Cover Image"
     170"Create a New Playlist"
     171"Create a Random Mix"
     172"Create Schedule"
     173"Current MythWeb Template"
     174"Current Recording"
     175"Current recordings"
     176"Currently Browsing:  $1"
     177"Currently Recording:  Edit"
     179"Custom Schedule"
     180"Custom Search"
     181"Customize Screens"
     184"Database Health"
     186"Date Formats"
     188"Deaf Signed"
     189    Deaf Signed
     191"Default MythVideo View"
     192"Default MythWeb Template"
     195"Delete $1"
     196"Delete + Rerecord"
     197"Delete and allow rerecord: $1"
     198"Delete and rerecord $1"
     199"Delete Forever"
     200"DELETE this Saved Playlist"
     202    Delete
     203"Depending on the Search type this is where you enter actual main search commands"
     207"Details for: $1"
     208"Direct Download"
     209"Directed by"
     212"Directory Structure"
     214"Dolby Surround"
     215"Don't Record"
     216"Don't record this program."
     217"Done, Unknown Status"
     219"Download URL override"
     220"Dup Method"
     222"Duplicate Check method"
     225"Earlier Showing"
     227"Edit existing group"
     228"Edit MythWeb and some MythTV settings."
     229"Edit settings for: $1"
     230"Editing "
     231"Embed HTTP basic auth user name/password into stream urls"
     232"Enable Flash Video player for recordings."
     233"Enable Video Playback"
     235"End Late"
     237"Enter a new name for your playlist"
     238"Enter your search terms"
     239"enter your search terms"
     241"Episode Number"
     243"Error contacting server to retrieve metadata."
     244"error: playgroup $1 exists"
     249"Exec. Producer"
     250"Extended Check"
     251"ffmpeg with MP3 support not detected"
     252"File Size"
     255"Find Date & Time Options"
     256    Find Date & Time Options
     257"Find Day"
     258"Find other showings of this program"
     259"Find showings of this program"
     260"Find Time"
     261"Find Time must be of the format:  HH:MM:SS"
     264"First recording"
     265"First showing"
     266"First showing of each episode"
     267"Flag Commercials"
     268"FLV Width"
     269"For daily recordings, 5 weekdays if a weekday, or 7 days per week if a weekend day."
     270"For more information on the Power Search please go to:"
     271"Force HTTP for streams"
     272"Force HTTP/HTTPS port for streams"
     274"Forget Old"
     275"format help"
     276"Found %s results for '%s'"
     281    %a %b %e, %Y
     283    %I:%M %p
     286    Display Genre Colors
     290"Group timeslots every"
     291"Guest Starring"
     292"Guide rating"
     293"Guide Settings"
     294"Handy Predefined Searches"
     295"handy: overview"
     296    Some examples of complex searches possible with the listings.
     297"has Bookmark"
     298"Has Cutlist"
     303"High definition"
     305"Hosted by"
     307"Hour Format"
     309"Identifiable episode"
     310"Ignore generic shows"
     311"Ignore scheduled shows"
     314    Imdb
     316"info: activate recording"
     317    Force this specific showing to record.
     318"info: default recording"
     319    Reset any override requests so that this showing will schedule normally.
     320"info: dont record"
     321"info: flvplayer"
     322    <p>
     323    Flash video playback is currently only a proof-of-concept and should be
     324    considered <b>EXTREMELY</b> experimental, which is why it has been disabled by
     325    default.
     326    </p>
     327    <p>
     328    It currently expects that ffmpeg is installed and compiled with mp3
     329    support, and that the recordings files are accessible to your webserver
     330    userid.  It probably won't work with Nupplevideo files, and in the end,
     331    it may just not work at all (or maybe even worse).
     332    </p>
     333    <p>
     334    Enable this feature at your own risk, and don't expect too much
     335    official help until it has left the experimental phase.
     336    </p>
     337"info: hidden advanced schedule"
     338    The advanced scheduling options are currently hidden.
     339"info: record this"
     340    Force this specific showing to record.
     341"info:forget old"
     342    Forget about previous recordings of this show, so it can be re-recorded.
     344    <ul>
     345        <li>JumpPoints are globally active.  If you set a keybinding for a JumpPoint that is the same as one defined in the Keybindings section, the JumpPoint will override the keybinding.</li>
     346        <li>You probably want to use function keys or keys combined with a modifier (alt, control) for JumpPoints, otherwise you may run into some problems.</li>
     347        <li>Changes to keybindings/jumppoints requires a restart of the affected mythfrontend for now.  This may change in a future release.</li>
     348       </ul>
     349"info:never record"
     350    Falsify a previous recording of this show so that it won't record.
     352"Internet Reference #"
     354"Jump Points"
     355"Jump to"
     356"Jump To"
     357"JumpPoints Editor"
     358"Key Bindings"
     359"Key bindings"
     360"Key Controls"
     361"Keybindings Editor"
     363"Keyword Search"
     364"Keyword Search:"
     367"Last Recorded"
     368"Last recording"
     369"Last showing of each episode"
     376"Length (min)"
     377"Length in minutes"
     378"Listing &quot;Jump to&quot;"
     379"Listing Time Key"
     382"Load a Saved Playlist"
     383"Load Playlist"
     384"Load Saved Playlists"
     385"Load this Saved Playlist"
     387"Local Server Statistics"
     389    MythWeb has detected a bot accessing your installation. We have locked down the service to prevent bots from deleting all your recordings or allowing other people to access MythWeb without your permission. Please secure your server (read the INSTALL and README files) and remove
     391    to unlock this install. To disable this feature, review the README file.
     393"Look up Metadata"
     394"Low Space"
     396"Match related callsigns"
     398"Max star rating for movies"
     399"Metadata Home Page"
     400"Metadata Lookup"
     401"Metadata Lookup Error"
     403"Missing Cover"
     404"Modify priority by star rating (0.0 to 1.0 for movies only)"
     405"Modify priority for a station on an input"
     406"Modify priority for all inputs on a card"
     407"Modify priority for an input (Input priority)"
     408"Modify priority for every card on a host"
     409"Modify unidentified episodes"
     414"Move Item Down in Playlist"
     415"Move Item Up in Playlist"
     417    Movie
     419"Movies, 3&frac12; Stars or more"
     420"Movies, Stinkers (2 Stars or less)"
     422"Music Specials"
     423"My Session"
     424"MythMusic on the web."
     426    a an the
     428"MythTV Status"
     429"MythVideo Artwork Dir"
     430"MythVideo Dir"
     431"MythVideo on the web."
     436"MythWeb Defaults"
     437"MythWeb Global Defaults"
     438"MythWeb Locked"
     439"MythWeb Session"
     440"MythWeb Skin"
     441"MythWeb Template"
     442"MythWeb Weather."
     445"Narrow Your Search"
     446"Never Record"
     448"New episode"
     449"New episodes only"
     450"New Group"
     451"New Search"
     452"New Titles, Premieres"
     454"NO DATA"
     455"No Frontends allow remote control."
     456"No Genre"
     457"No matches found"
     458"No matching programs found."
     459"No metadata results found."
     460"No Public Playlists"
     461"No recording schedules have been defined."
     462"No. of recordings to keep"
     463"Non-Music Specials"
     464"Non-Series HDTV"
     466"Not Listed"
     468"Number of episodes"
     469"Number of shows"
     470"Number of Songs"
     471"Number of timeslots"
     474"Only a certain channel number"
     475"Only channels marked as commercial free"
     476"Only channels that carry a specific station"
     477"Only display favorite channels"
     478"Only match commercial-free channels"
     479"Only match HD programs"
     480"Only match non-recorded shows"
     481"Only New Episodes"
     482"Only one specific channel ID (Channel priority)"
     483"Only show distinct shows"
     484"Only shows marked as HDTV"
     485"Optimize Tables"
     487"Original Airdate"
     488"Originally aired between"
     490"Page Down"
     491"Page recorded programs"
     492"Page Up"
     493"Parental Level"
     494"Part $1 of $2"
     495"Past Month"
     496"Past Week"
     497"Past Year"
     501"People Search"
     502"People Search:"
     503"Percent of time spent recording"
     505"Play Recording on Frontend"
     506"Play this Album Now"
     507"Play This Playlist Now"
     508"Play this Playlist Now"
     509"Play this Song Now"
     510"Play Time"
     511"Playback Group"
     512"Playback Groups"
     513"Played %s times"
     514"Played once"
     516"Playlist Info"
     517"Playlist is empty"
     518"Playlist Items"
     519"Playlist Name"
     520"Playlist renamed successfully"
     521"Playlist saved successfully"
     522"Playlist: %s"
     524"Please enter an IMDB number or a title to do another search"
     525"Please wait for the pending AJAX request"
     528"Pop-out player"
     529"Possible conflicts"
     530"Possible conflicts with this show"
     531"Post Processing"
     533"Power Search"
     534"Power Search:"
     535"Prefer a host for a storage group"
     536"Prefer a host for live sports with overtime"
     537"Prefer Channum"
     538"Prefer movies when shown at night"
     540    Prefer channel number over callsign
     541"Preferred Input"
     542"Presented by"
     543"Previous Recording"
     544"Previous recordings"
     546"Priority for a category"
     547"Priority for a category type"
     548"Priority for all matching titles"
     549"Priority for any show with End Late time"
     550"Priority for HD shows under two hours"
     551"Priority for movies by the year of release"
     552"Priority when shown once"
     553"Produced by"
     556"Program Categories"
     557"Program Detail"
     558"Program ID"
     559"Program Listing"
     560"Program Type"
     562"Queue a job"
     564"Queued jobs"
     566"Random Items"
     567"Random Mix Maker"
     568"Random Type"
     571"Recently Added Albums"
     572"Recently completed jobs"
     573"Recently Played Songs"
     575"Record Date"
     576"Record Length"
     577"Record new and expire old"
     578"Record This"
     580"Recorded Programs"
     581"Recording Details"
     582"Recording Group"
     583"Recording Options"
     584"Recording Options Help"
     585"Recording Priority"
     586"Recording Profile"
     587"Recording Schedules"
     588"Recording Statistics"
     590"recstatus: cancelled"
     591    This was scheduled to be recorded but was manually canceled.
     592"recstatus: conflict"
     593    Another program with a higher recording priority will be recorded.
     594"recstatus: currentrecording"
     595    This episode was previously recorded and is still available in the list of recordings.
     596"recstatus: deleted"
     597    This showing was recorded but was deleted before recording was completed.
     598"recstatus: earliershowing"
     599    This episode will be recorded at an earlier time instead.
     600"recstatus: force_record"
     601    This show was manually set to record this specific instance.
     602"recstatus: inactive"
     603    This recording schedule is inactive.
     604"recstatus: latershowing"
     605    This episode will be recorded at a later time instead.
     606"recstatus: lowdiskspace"
     607    There wasn't enough disk space available to record this program.
     608"recstatus: manualoverride"
     609    This showing was manually set to not record.
     610"recstatus: neverrecord"
     611    This show was marked to never be recorded.
     612"recstatus: notlisted"
     613    This show does not match the current program listings.
     614"recstatus: previousrecording"
     615    This episode was previously recorded according to the duplicate policy chosen for this title.
     616"recstatus: recorded"
     617    This showing was recorded.
     618"recstatus: recording"
     619    This showing is being recorded.
     620"recstatus: repeat"
     621    This showing is a repeat and will not be recorded.
     622"recstatus: stopped"
     623    This showing was recorded but was stopped before recording was completed.
     624"recstatus: toomanyrecordings"
     625    Too many recordings of this program have already been recorded.
     626"recstatus: tunerbusy"
     627    The tuner card was already in-use when this program was scheduled to be recorded.
     628"recstatus: unknown"
     629    The status of this showing is unknown.
     630"recstatus: willrecord"
     631    This showing will be recorded.
     632"rectype-long: always"
     633    Record at any time on any channel.
     634"rectype-long: channel"
     635    Record at any time on channel $1.
     636"rectype-long: daily"
     637    Record this program in this timeslot every day.
     638"rectype-long: dontrec"
     639    Do not record this specific showing.
     640"rectype-long: finddaily"
     641    Find and record one showing of this title each day.
     642"rectype-long: findone"
     643    Find and record one showing of this title.
     644"rectype-long: findweekly"
     645    Find and record one showing of this title each week.
     646"rectype-long: once"
     647    Record only this showing.
     648"rectype-long: override"
     649    Record this specific showing.
     650"rectype-long: weekly"
     651    Record this program in this timeslot every week.
     652"rectype: always"
     653    Always
     654"rectype: channel"
     655    Channel
     656"rectype: daily"
     657    Daily
     658"rectype: dontrec"
     659    Don't Record
     660"rectype: finddaily"
     661    Find One Daily
     662"rectype: findone"
     663    Find Once
     664"rectype: findweekly"
     665    Find One Weekly
     666"rectype: once"
     667    Once
     668"rectype: override"
     669    Override (record)
     670"rectype: weekly"
     671    Weekly
     672"regex: articles"
     673    An?|The
     675"Remove Item from Playlist"
     676"Repair Tables"
     678    Rerun
     680"Reset template and skin to defaults"
     682"Return to Statistics Page"
     685"Root Directory"
     686"Rows to show between timeslot info"
     690"Save or Rename the Current Playlist"
     691"Save Schedule"
     693"Save/Rename Playlist"
     694"Saved Playlist Successfully Deleted"
     695"Saved Playlists"
     696"Scan Collection"
     698"Schedule Manually"
     699"Schedule normally."
     700"Schedule Options"
     701"Schedule Override"
     702"Schedule via $1."
     704"Scheduled Popup"
     705"Science Fiction Movies"
     707"Search $1"
     708"Search all program keywords for a match against search phrase below"
     709"Search all program titles containing the Title text below"
     710"Search for all actors contained in a recording for a match against search phrase below"
     711"Search for:  $1"
     712"Search Music"
     713"Search Phrase"
     714"Search Phrase:"
     715"Search Results"
     716"Search the Music Database"
     717"Search Type"
     718"Search Type Help"
     719"Search will perform complex SQL queries against the database as per the search phrase below"
     721"Searches will be performed against the title of all TV shows"
     724"Select the correct show"
     725"Server returned invalid data when attempting to retrieve metadata."
     726"Server Statistics"
     727"Set Host"
     730"Settings Table"
     731"settings/stream: protocol"
     732    Many media players are incapable of playing files that are streamed from<br/>
     733    https servers.  If you run MythWeb over https, you may ALSO want to create<br/>
     734    a non-SSL installation and check this box, which will force all streaming<br/>
     735    downloads to utilize http instead.
     736"settings: notice"
     737    Warning:<br><br>
     738    Many settings pages have very little error checking. You can easily alter a setting
     739    which will result in a non-functional system, and short of restoring the database from
     740    a backup, there is <b>no</b> way to undo your changes.
     743"Show group"
     744"Show pixmaps"
     745"Show recordings"
     747    Show the channel icons
     749    Show mouseover information about programs
     751    Show video covers on the video interface
     752"Showing all programs from the $1 group."
     753"Showing all programs."
     754"Showings between"
     756"Skip Ahead"
     757"Skip Back"
     759"Songs for Genre"
     760"Songs Played"
     761"Songs Rated"
     762"Sorry, but you cannot add this playlist as it would create a circular dependency."
     764    Sort channel list by channel number (checked) or by callsign (unchecked)
     767"Special Searches"
     768"Star character"
     769"Start Date"
     770"Start Early"
     771"Start Time"
     776"Status Bar"
     778"Still Recording: Edit"
     780"Storage Group"
     781"Store the current session as the default"
     783"Sub and Desc (Empty matches)"
     785"Submit Search"
     787"Subtitle and Description"
     788"Subtitle then Description"
     790"Subtitles Available"
     792"Surround Sound"
     795"The requested recording schedule has been deleted."
     797"There are no items in this Playlist!"
     798"There was a problem saving your playlist"
     800"This Episode"
     801"This playlist is already loaded!"
     802"This will overwrite your current, unsaved playlist. Are you sure you want to continue?"
     805"Time Span"
     806"Time Stretch"
     807"Timeslot size"
     810"Title Match"
     811"Title search"
     812"Title Search"
     813"Title Search:"
     815"Toggle Interactive Mode"
     816"Too Many"
     817"Top $1"
     818"Top Played Songs"
     819"Top Rated Songs"
     820"Total Length"
     821"Total Recorded"
     822"Total Running Time"
     823"Total Time"
     824"Total Time:  %s"
     825"Track #%s from the album '%s'"
     830"Tuner Busy"
     832"TV functions, including recorded programs."
     838"Undelete: $1"
     840"Unknown action"
     841"Unknown frontend"
     842"Unknown Program."
     843"Unknown Recording Schedule."
     845"Upcoming Recordings"
     847"Update Recording Settings"
     848"Use callsign"
     849"Use date/time"
     851"User Rating"
     854"Video Bitrate"
     855"Video Playback"
     856"Video: Error: IMDB"
     857    Fatal Error: There was a failure retrieving IMDB data. If you have manually specified the IMDB number then please confirm that it is accurate.
     858"Video: Error: IMDB: Not Found"
     859    Fatal Error: IMDB was not enabled in the settings table. Please configure via the settings tab.
     860"Video: Error: Missing ID"
     861    Fatal Error: The ID was not sent to the IMDB script.
     862"Video: IMDB: No Matches"
     863    There are no matches for this title. Please use the custom search to enter an IMDB number or use a different title to search again.
     864"Video: IMDB: Window Title"
     865    IMDB Matches
     866"Video: Warning: Artwork"
     867    Warning: Updating video artwork failed. Please check the permissions on your Video Artwork Directory for this host.
     868"Video: Warning: Artwork: Download"
     869    Downloading the artwork from TMDB failed.
     870"Video: Warning: fopen"
     871    Warning: Your php.ini file has allow_url_fopen set to Off. To download artwork, it is required to be On. Artwork will not be updated.
     890"View Albums by %s"
     891"View Details of %s"
     892"View Saved Playlist"
     893"View Server Statistics"
     895"Visit $1"
     899    Path to imdb.pl on this webserver
     904"welcome: backend_log"
     905    Show the server logs.
     906"welcome: music"
     907    Browse your music collection.
     908"welcome: remote"
     909"welcome: settings"
     910    Configure MythWeb and some MythTV settings.
     911"welcome: stats"
     912    MythTV recording statistics.
     913"welcome: status"
     914    Show the backend status page.
     915"welcome: tv"
     916    See what's on tv, schedule recordings and manage shows that you've already
     917    recorded.  Please see the following choices:
     918"welcome: video"
     919    Browse your video collection.
     920"What else is on at this time?"
     923"Will Record"
     924"Written by"
     930"You are missing a php extension for mysql interaction. Please install php-mysqli or similar"
     931"You must be running at least php 5.3 to use this program."