Ticket #10328: Translate.php_Italian_mythweb_translation.diff

File Translate.php_Italian_mythweb_translation.diff, 743 bytes (added by ganassa@…, 8 years ago)

Patch for classes/Translate.php to add Italian language reference in options

  • classes/Translate.php

    diff --git classes/Translate.php classes/Translate.php
    index 880c5c1..8ff784d 100644
    class Translate extends MythBase { 
    2020// point to an array containing first the user-visible name of the language, the
    2121// php locale for printing and finally the matching language and charset codes.
    2222    public static $Languages = array(
     23        'Italian'       => array('Italian',            'it_IT.UTF-8', 'it_IT'),
    2324        'Catalan'       => array('Català',      'ca_ES.UTF-8', 'ca_ES'),
    2425        'Dutch'         => array('Nederlands',         'nl_NL',       array('nl_NL', 'nl_BE')),
    2526        'English'       => array('English',            'en_US.UTF-8', 'en_US.ISO-8859-1'),