Ticket #10483: gdb.txt

File gdb.txt, 651 bytes (added by Steven Adeff <adeffs.mythtv@…>, 9 years ago)

gdb of a different run

1Function "qFatal" not defined.
2Breakpoint 1 (qFatal) pending.
3[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
4[New Thread 0xb7e76b70 (LWP 3720)]
5[New Thread 0xb7675b70 (LWP 3721)]
6[New Thread 0xb6cffb70 (LWP 3722)]
7[New Thread 0xb64feb70 (LWP 3723)]
8[New Thread 0xb5cfdb70 (LWP 3724)]
9[New Thread 0xb54fcb70 (LWP 3725)]
10[New Thread 0xb4cfbb70 (LWP 3728)]
11[Thread 0xb4cfbb70 (LWP 3728) exited]
12[Thread 0xb7675b70 (LWP 3721) exited]
13[Thread 0xb7e76b70 (LWP 3720) exited]
14[Thread 0xb64feb70 (LWP 3723) exited]
15[Thread 0xb5cfdb70 (LWP 3724) exited]
16[Thread 0xb54fcb70 (LWP 3725) exited]
17[Thread 0xb6cffb70 (LWP 3722) exited]
19Program exited with code 0222.