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1Mon May 26 20:00:28 EDT 2014
2Begin : Roku Encode /digLib/TV/recordings/1206_20140526230000.mpg to /digLib/TV/recordings/1206_20140526230000.mp4, details in /tmp/roku-nocommercials-2014-05-
4DATABASEHOST is set to: localhost
5DATABASEUSER is set to: mythtv
7DATABASE is set to: mythconverg
9Mon May 26 20:00:28 EDT 2014: Flagging commercials using mythcommflag job - the variables are CHANLID : 1206 and STARTTIMEUTC : 20140526230000
10MythTV Commercial Flagger, flagging commercials for:
11    Feasting on Asphalt - Fry Me a River
122014-05-26 20:00:28.569740 C  mythcommflag version: fixes/0.27 [v0.27-232-gf4825ca] www.mythtv.org
132014-05-26 20:00:28.569754 C  Qt version: compile: 4.8.1, runtime: 4.8.1
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 99%/2515fps   99%/2515fps   99%/2516fps   99%/2515fps        2014-05-26 20:01:47.170296 E  decoding error
15                        eno: Unknown error 541478725 (541478725)
17Mon May 26 20:01:50 EDT 2014: Flagging commercials failed with error 2
19Mon May 26 20:01:50 EDT 2014: Generating Commercial cutlist using mythutil variables are CHANLID : 1206 and STARTTIMEUTC : 20140526230000
202014-05-26 20:01:50.339511 C  mythutil version: fixes/0.27 [v0.27-232-gf4825ca] www.mythtv.org
212014-05-26 20:01:50.339525 C  Qt version: compile: 4.8.1, runtime: 4.8.1
222014-05-26 20:01:50.339528 N  Enabled verbose msgs:  general
232014-05-26 20:01:50.339536 N  Setting Log Level to LOG_INFO
242014-05-26 20:01:50.351272 I  Added logging to the console
252014-05-26 20:01:50.351416 I  Setup Interrupt handler
262014-05-26 20:01:50.351424 I  Setup Terminated handler
272014-05-26 20:01:50.351431 I  Setup Segmentation fault handler
282014-05-26 20:01:50.351437 I  Setup Aborted handler
292014-05-26 20:01:50.351443 I  Setup Bus error handler
302014-05-26 20:01:50.351449 I  Setup Floating point exception handler
312014-05-26 20:01:50.351456 I  Setup Illegal instruction handler
322014-05-26 20:01:50.351464 I  Setup Real-time signal 0 handler
332014-05-26 20:01:50.351491 N  Using runtime prefix = /usr
342014-05-26 20:01:50.351499 N  Using configuration directory = /home/mythtv/.mythtv
352014-05-26 20:01:50.351549 I  Assumed character encoding: en_US.UTF-8
362014-05-26 20:01:50.351826 N  Empty LocalHostName.
372014-05-26 20:01:50.351831 I  Using localhost value of ubuntu-mcvey
382014-05-26 20:01:50.367716 N  Setting QT default locale to EN_US
392014-05-26 20:01:50.367802 I  Current locale EN_US
402014-05-26 20:01:50.367862 N  Reading locale defaults from /usr/share/mythtv//locales/en_us.xml
412014-05-26 20:01:50.381179 N  Commercial Skip List copied to Cutlist
422014-05-26 20:01:50.454143 I  New Client:  (#1)
432014-05-26 20:01:50.454193 I  Added syslogging
442014-05-26 20:01:50.467089 I  Removing syslogging
45Commercial Skip List copied to Cutlist
47Mon May 26 20:01:50 EDT 2014: Started encoding using HandBrakeCLI : 1206_20140526230000
49Mon May 26 20:11:11 EDT 2014: Completed encoding using HandBrakeCLI : 1206_20140526230000
51Mon May 26 20:11:11 EDT 2014: Database update to recorded table for : 1206_20140526230000
53Mon May 26 20:11:11 EDT 2014: Removing /digLib/TV/recordings/1206_20140526230000.mpg
55Mon May 26 20:11:11 EDT 2014: Seek Table/update for /digLib/TV/recordings/1206_20140526230000.mp4
56MythTV Commercial Flagger, building seek table for:
57    Feasting on Asphalt - Fry Me a River
58Rebuild started at Mon May 26 20:11:11 2014
592014-05-26 20:11:11.793616 C  mythcommflag version: fixes/0.27 [v0.27-232-gf4825ca] www.mythtv.org
602014-05-26 20:11:11.793629 C  Qt version: compile: 4.8.1, runtime: 4.8.1
61                           No I-frames found, rewinding...
62   0%/ 8520fps    2%/10758fps    3%/10854fps    4%/10958fps    5%/11178fps    6%/11306fps    7%/11313fps    8%/11392fps    9%/11465fps   10%/ 9597fps   18%/15460fps   20%/15561fps   21%/15496fps   23%/15497fps   24%/15425fps   25%/15097fps   26%/15033fps   28%/15114fps   29%/14975fps   30%/13492fps   35%/15109fps   36%/15226fps   37%/14948fps   38%/14792fps   39%/14778fps   40%/14550fps   41%/14260fps   42%/14200fps   43%/14257fps   44%/13411fps   49%/14531fps   51%/14473fps   52%/14511fps   54%/14588fps   55%/14679fps   56%/14523fps   57%/14349fps   58%/14174fps   58%/14014fps   59%/13296fps   60%/13316fps   61%/13185fps   62%/13115fps   63%/13146fps   65%/13186fps   66%/13154fps   67%/13189fps   69%/13241fps   70%/13333fps   71%/12876fps   82%/14587fps   83%/14478fps   84%/14479fps   86%/14587fps   88%/14634fps   89%/14613fps   90%/14588fps   92%/14579fps   93%/14593fps   95%/14196fps                            Rebuild completed at Mon May 26 20:11:19 2014
632014-05-26 20:11:19.333825 E  decoding error
64                        eno: Unknown error 541478725 (541478725)
66Completed: Roku Encode 1206_20140526230000 Complete
67Mon May 26 20:11:20 EDT 2014