Ticket #4885: patch.output

File patch.output, 1.3 KB (added by Tony Arie Kolev <kolevtony@…>, 12 years ago)

I have tested v2 using last release 19440 and inspected patch rejects

1[tony@mainframe release-0-21-19440-fixes]$ patch -p0 <../4885-v2.patch
2patching file themes/ProjectGrayhem-OSD/osd.xml
3patching file themes/blootube-osd/osd.xml
4patching file myththemes/Gray-OSD/osd.xml
5patching file myththemes/Titivillus-OSD/osd.xml
6patching file myththemes/isthmus/osd.xml
7patching file myththemes/Iulius-OSD/osd.xml
8patching file myththemes/Retro-OSD/osd.xml
9patching file mythtv/themes/defaultosd/osd.xml
10patching file mythtv/themes/blueosd/osd.xml
11patching file mythtv/libs/libmythtv/osdlistbtntype.cpp
12Hunk #1 succeeded at 730 (offset -30 lines).
13Hunk #3 FAILED at 861.
141 out of 3 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file mythtv/libs/libmythtv/osdlistbtntype.cpp.rej
15patching file mythtv/libs/libmythtv/osdtypes.cpp
16Reversed (or previously applied) patch detected!  Assume -R? [n] n
17Apply anyway? [n] n
18Skipping patch.
199 out of 9 hunks ignored -- saving rejects to file mythtv/libs/libmythtv/osdtypes.cpp.rej
20patching file mythtv/libs/libmythtv/libmythtv.pro
21Hunk #1 succeeded at 246 (offset -23 lines).
22patching file mythtv/libs/libmythtv/osdtypes.h
23patching file mythtv/libs/libmythtv/rtl.cpp
24patching file mythtv/libs/libmythtv/osdlistbtntype.h
25Hunk #1 succeeded at 37 (offset 2 lines).
26patching file mythtv/libs/libmythtv/rtl.h
27[tony@mainframe release-0-21-19440-fixes]$