Ticket #5319: mythtv-5319-protocol_version_change_doxygen-20081006.patch

File mythtv-5319-protocol_version_change_doxygen-20081006.patch, 885 bytes (added by sphery <mtdean@…>, 12 years ago)

Updated for recent protocol version change

  • docs/doxygen-architecture-document.cpp

    old new  
    472472Connected to localhost.
    473473Escape character is '^]'.\endverbatim
    474 <B>\verbatim21      MYTH_PROTO_VERSION 40 23     ANN Playback hostname 1   10   QUERY_LOAD       4DONE\endverbatim</B>
     474<B>\verbatim21      MYTH_PROTO_VERSION 42 23     ANN Playback hostname 1   10   QUERY_LOAD       4DONE\endverbatim</B>
    475475\verbatim13      ACCEPT[]:[]402       OK34      0.919922[]:[]0.908203[]:[]0.856445Connection closed by foreign host.\endverbatim
    476476The command string is prefixed by 8 characters, containing the length
    477477of the forthcoming command. This can be justified in any way