Ticket #5882: howto.t5882_S2Api_3.txt

File howto.t5882_S2Api_3.txt, 521 bytes (added by wagabunda, 11 years ago)
11) install v4l-dvb with new API, eg s2-liplianin ('http://mercurial.intuxication.org/hg/s2-liplianin/')
22) apply patch 't5882_S2Api_3.diff' in 'mythtv' directory (patch -p0 < [folder with patch]/t5882_S2Api_2.diff)
33) configure mythtv with option --dvb-path (eg './configure --dvb-path=/usr/local/src/s2/linux/include')
44) make, make install
55) add a new transponders with 8PSK modulation; modulation system and roll-off will be set automatically
6when you scan
8note: temporarily all DVB-S cards are considered as DVB-S2