Ticket #6694: color_h.patch

File color_h.patch, 748 bytes (added by anonymous, 11 years ago)

Still having problems on the filter... setting these pointers to static fixes it

  • filters/greedyhdeint/color.h

    11#ifndef _COLOR_H_
    22#define _COLOR_H_
    4 void (*yv12_to_yuy2)
     4static void (*yv12_to_yuy2)
    55  (const unsigned char *y_src, int y_src_pitch,
    66   const unsigned char *u_src, int u_src_pitch,
    77   const unsigned char *v_src, int v_src_pitch,
    88   unsigned char *yuy2_map, int yuy2_pitch,
    99   int width, int height, int progressive);
    11 void (*yuy2_to_yv12)
     11static void (*yuy2_to_yv12)
    1212  (const unsigned char *yuy2_map, int yuy2_pitch,
    1313   unsigned char *y_dst, int y_dst_pitch,
    1414   unsigned char *u_dst, int u_dst_pitch,