Ticket #786: mythweb-htaccess.patch

File mythweb-htaccess.patch, 672 bytes (added by martin@…, 15 years ago)

Patch to fix defect

  • .htaccess

    9494# Skip out early if we've already been through rewrites,
    9595# or if this is a /css/, /js/ or /cache/ directory request.
    96     RewriteRule    ^(css|js|cache|images|video_dir|mythvideo|themes|skins|[a-z_]+\.php)(/|$)     -                           [L]
     96    RewriteRule    ^(|css|js|cache|images|video_dir|mythvideo|themes|skins|[a-z_]+\.php)(/|$)     -                           [L]
    9898# Redirect most of the remaining URL requests to the main cooktools script.
    9999# It will then handle any requests given to it.