Ticket #920: mythweb-rewritebase.patch

File mythweb-rewritebase.patch, 701 bytes (added by martin@…, 18 years ago)

Patch to add documentation on running mythweb outside of DocumentRoot?

  • .htaccess

    2323#    AuthDigestFile     /var/www/htdigest
    2424#    Require            valid-user
     26# If MythWeb is installed outside of the document root (eg. using Alias) then
     27# you will need to set this directive to the base URL that MythWeb is visible
     28# from externally. If you do not, the web server will return 'not found'.
     29#    RewriteBase    /mythweb
    2631# MythTV now uses the correct file suffix for mpeg files, so all .nuv files
    2732# should actually be NuppleVideo.  However, apache probably doesn't know what
    2833# those are, so we should tell it.