Ticket #9538: 217-SeekPastInitialCutpointFix.patch

File 217-SeekPastInitialCutpointFix.patch, 626 bytes (added by Bill Stuff <billstuff2001@…>, 9 years ago)

Call to TrackerReset? to fix problem noted by Jim

  • mythtv/libs/libmythtv/mythplayer.cpp

    old new int MythPlayer::OpenFile(uint retries, b 
    10001000    // Check to see if we're starting inside a cut area.
    10011001    // If yes, bookmarkseek will be updated to the end of the area
     1002    deleteMap.TrackerReset(bookmarkseek, totalFrames);
    10021003    deleteMap.TrackerWantsToJump(bookmarkseek, totalFrames, bookmarkseek);
    10041005    if (player_ctx->playingInfo->QueryAutoExpire() == kLiveTVAutoExpire)