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#8262 Move backend config from mythtv-setup to mythbackend internal web server new stuartm, Stuart Auchterlonie Developer Task minor
#9777 Channel scanner stores centre freq instead of offset for DVB-T new Stuart Auchterlonie danielk Bug Report - General minor
#10553 channelscanner can not added the found channels new Stuart Auchterlonie danielk Bug Report - General minor
#11809 start EIT scan on the transport that contains the complete SI new Stuart Auchterlonie Karl Egly Developer Task minor
#11870 Channel scanning deadlock with DVB new Stuart Auchterlonie danielk Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock minor
#12141 Fields season/episode/totalepisodes sometimes missing accepted Stuart Auchterlonie, smorgan, Karl Egly stuartm Patch - Bug Fix minor
#12347 Virtual keyboard is not showing new Stuart Auchterlonie stuartm Bug Report - General minor
#13355 DVB HD Simulcast logical channel descriptor support new stuarta@… Patch - Feature minor
#13361 ChannelUtil::SetVisible function declaration unclear new stuarta@… Patch - Bug Fix minor
#13371 HDHomeRun DVB-C device seen as DVB-T new Stuart Auchterlonie, gigem Bug Report - General minor
#13380 DVB-T2 also needs channel_timeout increase for SDT new Stuart Auchterlonie Patch - Bug Fix minor
#13381 "Setting NIT-ID" message shows unsigned int new Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General trivial
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