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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#11641 position using percentage in theme are ignored new stuartm Bug Report - General minor 29.2
#13555 X Windows locks is monitor switched off whilst displaying mytfrontend infoneeded Mark Kendall Bug Report - General minor 32.0
#13321 Seg Fault when upgrading Steppes Theme assigned jpoet Bug Report - Crash minor needs_triage
#9295 Add stretching to textarea and a more acurate cutdown function accepted jpoet Patch - Feature minor needs_triage
#9597 Add support for random artwork in mythui accepted stuartm Patch - Feature minor 29.2
#10045 Prevent looping in button list when less than three buttons new stuartm Patch - Feature minor needs_triage
#10053 MythUI KeyBinding reworked new stuartm Patch - Feature minor 29.2
#11417 MythUIImage objects cannot be resized manually. new stuartm Developer Task minor 29.2
#11533 Themed menus new Jim Stichnoth Developer Task minor 29.2
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