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#13156 radio channels: mythfrontend hang (endless loop) when exiting 'LiveTV' and delays on switching channels assigned radio audio dvb-s Klaas de Waal Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock minor
#9800 LiveTV audio-only DVB channel not working new audio-only DVB Bug Report - General minor
#10797 Audio/Video sync problems especially after seeking to start of recording new audio video sync 0.25 seek Bug Report - General minor
#10880 lossless transcoding don't keeps all audiochannels new mythtranscode audio Dynamic PMT Bug Report - General minor
#12728 Mythtranscode reporting incorrect audio properties new mythtranscode audio JYA Bug Report - General minor
#12818 hd-pvr always records ac-3 audio regardless of recording profile settings new hd-pvr audio ac-3 Bug Report - General minor
#13008 AFD: Unknown decoding error new audio afd 0 channels Bug Report - General minor
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