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#8731 DVB-T scan: muxes not tuned during full scan but tuned using NIT info infoneeded dvb-t missing multiplexes full scan Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General minor
#8732 DVB-T scan: duplicate muxes created for MPEG channels infoneeded dvb-t mpeg duplicate multiplex Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General minor
#10046 Channel insert/updates now strip off leading/trailing whitespace in callsign and name accepted database channel callsign sphery Patch - Bug Fix minor
#11137 Misformed Captions/subtitles accepted Captions misformed Jim Stichnoth Bug Report - General minor
#11782 Fatal Error on encode User Job new SQL Error: Duplicate entry Bug Report - General minor
#12483 When Scanning Pre-defined Muliplex's,.. Freqid is not entered. assigned Muliplex scanning Klaas de Waal Bug Report - General minor
#12602 lossless transcode that fills the disk loses the tail of the recording new disk full transcode truncate JYA Bug Report - General minor
#12881 Subtitle files and html entities new subtitle captions html Jim Stichnoth Bug Report - General minor
#13253 AMD vdpau distorted playback after ffmpeg replace deprecated avcodec_decode_video2 assigned vdpau ffmpeg deprecated Peter Bennett Bug Report - General minor
#13340 Locale dependent dates in HTTP response new locale, http cpinkham Bug Report - General minor
#13451 Change UPNP Class for Recorded TV from videoItem to videoItem.videoBroadcast subclass new UPnP ContentDirectory videoBroadcast dblain Patch - Feature minor
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