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#12191 Livetv: Many stream interruptions new interruptions,dvb s2,live-tv Bug Report - General major
#12636 BE deadlock if LiveTV zap to program wihch just ends new LiveTV Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock major
#12841 IPTV m3u format not working infoneeded m3u iptv Karl Egly Bug Report - General major
#10287 storage group directory on slave only triggers mythtv-setup 'are you sure?' warning accepted storage group directory mythtv-setup exit warning sphery Bug Report - General minor
#10583 Unable to playback recordings from Panasonic TV via UPnP new UPNP DLNA TV dblain Bug Report - General minor
#11303 On-screen keyboard hidden when using Live TV Channel Editor new osd keyboard live tv channel editor Bug Report - General minor
#11427 LiveTV/Recording doesn't work with CBand LNBs from 0.25 onwards new cband, livetv, fail,myth Bug Report - General minor
#11745 frontend segfault viewing livetv w/storage subsystem under load new fe, segfault, livetv Bug Report - Crash minor
#11910 TV Metadata Lookup Fails new tvdb Raymond Wagner Bug Report - General minor
#12204 MythVideo: after video delete edit metadata crashes new mythtvideo metadata delete crash JYA Bug Report - Crash minor
#12306 LiveTV recording hangs on btrfs filesystem new livetv btrfs Bug Report - General minor
#12334 Short Live TV recordings not deleted new delete, live TV Bug Report - General minor
#12450 IPTV channel search not working - missing channel number in playlist new backend setup, channels, iptv, m3u, channels not showing up Bug Report - General minor
#12488 320k AAC HLS audio stream via 'livetv' new livetv ringbuffer hls Bug Report - General minor
#12646 Recording of mheg triggered iptv channels, only records the mheg, not the iptv stream new iptv mheg JYA Bug Report - General minor
#12842 Override language for series in ttvdb.conf + patched new series metadata ttvdb sphery Patch - Feature minor
#13465 mythtv-setup rewrites all capturecard.videodevice to /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0 infoneeded mythtv-setup 0.29, 0.30, master Klaas de Waal Bug Report - General minor
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