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#12550 IPTV Recorder error with EXT-X-VERSION:5 new HLS EXT JYA Bug Report - General major
#8731 DVB-T scan: muxes not tuned during full scan but tuned using NIT info assigned dvb-t missing multiplexes full scan Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General minor
#8732 DVB-T scan: duplicate muxes created for MPEG channels assigned dvb-t mpeg duplicate multiplex Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General minor
#9295 Add stretching to textarea and a more acurate cutdown function accepted textarea jpoet Patch - Feature minor
#10287 storage group directory on slave only triggers mythtv-setup 'are you sure?' warning accepted storage group directory mythtv-setup exit warning sphery Bug Report - General minor
#10322 [PATCH] Improved letterbox detection and switching new letterbox Patch - Feature minor
#10886 Services SendAction API doesn't stop screensaver new xscreensaver screensaver services sendaction Patch - Bug Fix minor
#10965 UX: Jump points unaware of current position accepted UX, user experience, jump points Jim Stichnoth Developer Task minor
#10966 UX: Previous Channel Button in Live TV new UX, previous channel Bug Report - General minor
#12123 Allwinner SoC: Myth attempts to playback "too fast" on arm based frontend using sunxi VDPAU new allwinner sunxi vdpau Bug Report - General minor
#12141 Fields season/episode/totalepisodes sometimes missing assigned EPG xmltv guide Klaas de Waal Patch - Bug Fix minor
#12402 mythfrontend freezes on exit new frontend freeze exit Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock minor
#12474 external recorder livetv channel change fails accepted external recorder closed unexpected jpoet Bug Report - General minor
#12483 When Scanning Pre-defined Muliplex's,.. Freqid is not entered. infoneeded_new Muliplex scanning Bug Report - General minor
#12525 old nuv / mpeg4 recordings from Plextor no longer play in mythtv new nuv plextor playback old mpeg4 JYA Bug Report - General minor
#12614 Adding EIT fix to Polish SAT EPG new EIT PL EPG fixup Karl Egly Developer Task minor
#12687 mythweb does not use config.xml infoneeded_new config.xml mysql.txt Rob Smith Bug Report - General minor
#13251 Give mythfilerecorder the ability to run an external program new mythfilerecorder,external tuner,blackbox Patch - Feature minor
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