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#12956 Failing to show recording list with zero size recordings new empty recordings, unable to list recordings JYA Bug Report - General major
#13132 Segfault in mythbackend live TV 0.29 new segfault Bug Report - General major
#8778 RecordingProfile speedups / refactor accepted speedup memory leak stuartm Developer Task minor
#9295 Add stretching to textarea and a more acurate cutdown function accepted textarea jpoet Patch - Feature minor
#10046 Channel insert/updates now strip off leading/trailing whitespace in callsign and name accepted database channel callsign sphery Patch - Bug Fix minor
#10287 storage group directory on slave only triggers mythtv-setup 'are you sure?' warning accepted storage group directory mythtv-setup exit warning sphery Bug Report - General minor
#10325 Modify to allow relative file names to be used in the links accepted relative sphery Patch - Feature minor
#10480 Downloading channel icons via backend fails new channel icons cpinkham Bug Report - General minor
#10845 Rotor with usals not working correct after upgrade to 0.25 accepted rotor usals stuartm Bug Report - General minor
#11137 Misformed Captions/subtitles assigned Captions misformed Mark Kendall Bug Report - General minor
#11331 Allow SBE to answer BUSY to GO_TO_SLEEP from MBE and prevent shut down - resulting in MBE to sent GO_TO_SLEEP again later new idle wake slave Patch - Feature minor
#12011 upnp NOTIFY messages are not sent accepted soap upnp stuartm Patch - Bug Fix minor
#12026 MythArchive encoder gives high cpu load with zero progress new /mytharchive encoder_profiles Paul Harrison <pharrison@…> Bug Report - General minor
#12474 external recorder livetv channel change fails accepted external recorder closed unexpected jpoet Bug Report - General minor
#12483 When Scanning Pre-defined Muliplex's,.. Freqid is not entered. assigned Muliplex scanning Klaas de Waal Bug Report - General minor
#12592 maintanence work on database schema - move to InnoDB and use referential integrity new schemachange Karl Egly Developer Task minor
#12625 Mythweb: Streaming from slave backends assigned mythweb stream slave Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General minor
#12662 EITFixup Glashart-media DVB-C NL assigned eit dvb-c glashart Karl Egly Bug Report - General minor
#12943 mythweb video streaming - add support for webm/ogv live video streaming accepted HTML5 streaming Stuart Auchterlonie Patch - Feature minor
#13092 Python BEConnection:backendCommand timeout too low and improper protocol implementation new python backendcommand timeout Raymond Wagner Bug Report - Crash minor
#13094 Dvr/GetUpcomingList?Count=1 is reporting an old scheduled recording after a recording failure new API GetUpcomingList Bill Meek Bug Report - General minor
#13156 radio channels: mythfrontend hang (endless loop) when exiting 'LiveTV' and delays on switching channels new radio audio dvb-s Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock minor
#13198 Mythdownloader not following redirects for some MythNetVision videos (i.e TedTalks) new mythdownloader redirects Bug Report - General minor
#13206 Mythweather 6 day forecast does not display high temperatures new mythweather Bug Report - General minor
#13209 PlaylistM3u is incomplete from mythweb new music playlist Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General minor
#13224 Webstreamer opening wrong file new web streamer stuartm Bug Report - General minor
#13251 Give mythfilerecorder the ability to run an external program new mythfilerecorder,external tuner,blackbox Patch - Feature minor
#13276 SourceID not shown when setting Channel recording Priority new channel priority Bug Report - General minor
#13287 mythtranscode fails in devel/ffmpeg-resync new HLS, Services API JYA Bug Report - General minor
#13338 Add support for playback of requested Live TV channel from Frontend Services API infoneeded frontend services API Bill Meek Patch - Feature minor
#13340 Locale dependent dates in HTTP response new locale, http cpinkham Bug Report - General minor
#13448 webfrontend program search does not work after the initial search new program search stuartm Bug Report - General minor
#13451 Change UPNP Class for Recorded TV from videoItem to videoItem.videoBroadcast subclass new UPnP ContentDirectory videoBroadcast dblain Patch - Feature minor
#13463 Incorrect classification of data channels as TV channels assigned DVB SDT service_type Echostar Klaas de Waal Bug Report - General minor
#13470 When a recording is started late due to a just restarted or unresponsive backend, it is not marked failed eligible for re-recording new late recording JYA Bug Report - General minor
#13530 Add support for rendering YUVA pixel formats assigned YUVA Mark Kendall Developer Task minor
#13564 Handling playback of channels that do not currently have broadcast should not freeze the UI new freeze crash delay Bug Report - General minor
#13582 Manual pages look messy new manual page Bug Report - General minor
#13594 Revisit deinterlacing of mixed progressive/interlaced content accepted deinterlacing, interlaced, progressive Mark Kendall Developer Task minor
#13627 mytharchivehelper calls QList without error handling infoneeded_new mytharchivehelper QList coredump Bug Report - General minor
#13645 extend metadatagrabber timeout to 3 minutes new metadatagrabber timeout Patch - Bug Fix minor
#13656 MythTV setup: GUI for SG definition broken. Does not select full path. new Storage Groups setup GUI Bug Report - General minor
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