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#11390 backend doesn't shut down anymore new backend shutdown idling Bug Report - General minor
#12325 The LCD display does not show mythbackend events new LCD mythbackend Bug Report - General minor
#12450 IPTV channel search not working - missing channel number in playlist new backend setup, channels, iptv, m3u, channels not showing up Bug Report - General minor
#12630 mythtv-setup reports MySQL time zone support is missing when it is not ubuntu 15.10 infoneeded_new time zone mysql mythbackend Bug Report - General minor
#13092 Python BEConnection:backendCommand timeout too low and improper protocol implementation new python backendcommand timeout Raymond Wagner Bug Report - Crash minor
#13254 Mythbackend 29.1 fails to tune HDHomerun Prime DRM channels which tune in VLC player in Fedora 28 Beta new HDHomerun Prime mythbackend Silicondust Bug Report - General minor
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