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#10694 Backend shutting down when Frontend is active new frontend idle Bug Report - General minor
#11091 Frontend Service API "Live TV In Guide" does not expose currentlocation new frontend service api Bug Report - General minor
#12307 Implement newer media handling methods (udisks2, storaged) accepted mythfrontend Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General minor
#12369 WebFrontend causes backend segfault new webfrontend stuartm Bug Report - General minor
#12383 Error in size of message box new frontend, sendmessage,misplaced Bug Report - General minor
#12402 mythfrontend freezes on exit new frontend freeze exit Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock minor
#13338 Add support for playback of requested Live TV channel from Frontend Services API infoneeded_new frontend services API Patch - Feature minor
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