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#10225 Mythweb is not safe for inappropriate characters in title/subtitles of shows mythweb, character encoding new kormoc Bug Report - General minor
#10676 Scheduling issues with reception problems. recording, mythweb, schedule, deleted, tuning new danielk Bug Report - General minor
#11222 Add DVB serviceid and mplexid fields to TV/Channe Iinfo page mythweb serviceid mplexid new kormoc Patch - Feature minor
#11457 Mythweb unable to download video (not recordings) over 64.5mb mythweb video download new kormoc Bug Report - General minor
#11600 canned_searches.conf.php New Titles Premieres fix for UTC local time comparison mythweb canned_searches utc new kormoc Bug Report - General minor
#7730 Mythweb - allow direct downloading of .mkv, .avi, .mp4, .xvid, .okv files mythweb download mkv ogg avi mp4 xvid new kormoc enhancement trivial
#11926 Mythweb: change upload and display videocovers to MythTVs storage-group solution MythWeb, Video, Covers new kormoc Patch - Bug Fix trivial
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