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#11466 recording group password protection is not being used from menus. new password protection not working Bug Report - General major
#12191 Livetv: Many stream interruptions new interruptions,dvb s2,live-tv Bug Report - General major
#12239 Linux windowed playback ignores forced monitor aspect ratio new "aspect ratio" "horizontal scaling" JYA Bug Report - General major
#9800 LiveTV audio-only DVB channel not working new audio-only DVB Bug Report - General minor
#10045 Prevent looping in button list when less than three buttons new MythUIButtonList stuartm Patch - Feature minor
#10480 Downloading channel icons via backend fails new channel icons cpinkham Bug Report - General minor
#10694 Backend shutting down when Frontend is active new frontend idle Bug Report - General minor
#10886 Services SendAction API doesn't stop screensaver new xscreensaver screensaver services sendaction Patch - Bug Fix minor
#11091 Frontend Service API "Live TV In Guide" does not expose currentlocation new frontend service api Bug Report - General minor
#11137 Misformed Captions/subtitles accepted Captions misformed Jim Stichnoth Bug Report - General minor
#11143 Ceton usb infinitv will not connect in version 0.26 new Ceton usb Bug Report - General minor
#11632 Parental control does not default to highest level when file is not rated (NR) new video, library, parental, control, default, level, not, rated, NR Bug Report - General minor
#12307 Implement newer media handling methods (udisks2, storaged) accepted mythfrontend Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General minor
#12350 segfault in mythzmserver when zoneminder was stoped by user new zoneminder mythzmserver Bug Report - General minor
#12369 WebFrontend causes backend segfault new webfrontend stuartm Bug Report - General minor
#12383 Error in size of message box new frontend, sendmessage,misplaced Bug Report - General minor
#12402 mythfrontend freezes on exit new frontend freeze exit Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock minor
#12630 mythtv-setup reports MySQL time zone support is missing when it is not ubuntu 15.10 infoneeded_new time zone mysql mythbackend Bug Report - General minor
#12687 mythweb does not use config.xml infoneeded_new config.xml mysql.txt Rob Smith Bug Report - General minor
#12794 Installation using Ubuntu 16.04 Software Centre fails new software centre, installation Bug Report - General minor
#12881 Subtitle files and html entities new subtitle captions html Jim Stichnoth Bug Report - General minor
#13092 Python BEConnection:backendCommand timeout too low and improper protocol implementation new python backendcommand timeout Raymond Wagner Bug Report - Crash minor
#13301 Debian/Ubuntu: Install Droid fonts instead of symlinking. new droid fonts symlink Patch - Bug Fix minor
#13338 Add support for playback of requested Live TV channel from Frontend Services API infoneeded_new frontend services API Patch - Feature minor
#13451 Change UPNP Class for Recorded TV from videoItem to videoItem.videoBroadcast subclass new UPnP ContentDirectory videoBroadcast dblain Patch - Feature minor
#13499 Convert -> Python new Mythlink Perl Python Raymond Wagner Patch - Feature minor
#13550 Description should update when you browse items in certain setting selector lists new UI synchronisation Bug Report - General minor
#13565 Fix recorded markup handling in python3 bindings accepted python3 Bill Meek Patch - Bug Fix minor
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