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#12956 Failing to show recording list with zero size recordings new empty recordings, unable to list recordings JYA Bug Report - General major
#10676 Scheduling issues with reception problems. new recording, mythweb, schedule, deleted, tuning danielk Bug Report - General minor
#11410 backend hang: mpeg recordings with vbi sometimes hang at finish new mpegrecorder vbi hang danielk Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock minor
#12474 external recorder livetv channel change fails accepted external recorder closed unexpected jpoet Bug Report - General minor
#12654 Fast forwarding recording only advances in 1 second intervals new playback while recording JYA Bug Report - General minor
#12795 Never Record button in the mythweb/tv/detail/ page results in an sql exception error infoneeded_new Never Record SQL Error crash Bug Report - General minor
#13251 Give mythfilerecorder the ability to run an external program new mythfilerecorder,external tuner,blackbox Patch - Feature minor
#13470 When a recording is started late due to a just restarted or unresponsive backend, it is not marked failed eligible for re-recording new late recording JYA Bug Report - General minor
#13482 Recording rule with "record all" ignores subsequent channels with the same call sign/channel name infoneeded_new call sign, channel name, recording rule JYA Bug Report - General minor
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