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#8778 RecordingProfile speedups / refactor accepted speedup memory leak stuartm Developer Task minor
#10287 storage group directory on slave only triggers mythtv-setup 'are you sure?' warning accepted storage group directory mythtv-setup exit warning sphery Bug Report - General minor
#12011 upnp NOTIFY messages are not sent accepted soap upnp stuartm Patch - Bug Fix minor
#13094 Dvr/GetUpcomingList?Count=1 is reporting an old scheduled recording after a recording failure new API GetUpcomingList Bill Meek Bug Report - General minor
#13149 upnp Recordings menu complete, but only the most recent 19 will play new upnp Bug Report - General minor
#13451 Change UPNP Class for Recorded TV from videoItem to videoItem.videoBroadcast subclass new UPnP ContentDirectory videoBroadcast dblain Patch - Feature minor
#13656 MythTV setup: GUI for SG definition broken. Does not select full path. new Storage Groups setup GUI Bug Report - General minor
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