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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#10036 Auto MetadataLookup doesn't always run accepted Bug Report - General minor needs_triage MythTV - Mythmetadatalookup
#10680 MythSystem doesn't split command line strings internally accepted Developer Task minor needs_triage MythTV - MythSystem
#7990 Rework of status handling in mythjobqueue assigned Developer Task major 29.2 MythTV - Mythjobqueue
#8962 playbackbox.cpp:extract_job_state() inefficient assigned Developer Task minor 29.2 MythTV - General
#12012 Abbreviated show names don't work for Title assigned Patch - Bug Fix minor needs_triage MythTV - Video Library
#11798 Allow asynchronous communication in backend protocol new Developer Task minor 29.2 MythTV - General
#13092 Python BEConnection:backendCommand timeout too low and improper protocol implementation new Bug Report - Crash minor needs_triage Bindings - Python
#13325 tmdb3 python bindings wait too long for the API rate limit to expire new Patch - Bug Fix trivial needs_triage Bindings - Python
#13499 Convert -> Python new Patch - Feature minor 29.2 Bindings - Python
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