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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#7434 max episodes code doesn't respect autoexpire flag on a recording assigned Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General 29.2 major
#7990 Rework of status handling in mythjobqueue assigned Raymond Wagner Developer Task 29.2 major
#10101 EITpf timing for recordings accepted stuartm Patch - Feature 29.2 major
#12550 IPTV Recorder error with EXT-X-VERSION:5 assigned paul-h Bug Report - General needs_triage major
#12636 BE deadlock if LiveTV zap to program wihch just ends new Bug Report - Hang/Deadlock 29.2 major
#12932 Patch to EIT table version handling in DVBStreamData assigned Stuart Auchterlonie Patch - Bug Fix 32.0 major
#12956 Failing to show recording list with zero size recordings new JYA Bug Report - General major
#13132 Segfault in mythbackend live TV 0.29 new Bug Report - General needs_triage major
#13278 mythbackend 29/fixes crashes new Bug Report - General needs_triage major
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