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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#12932 Patch to EIT table version handling in DVBStreamData assigned Stuart Auchterlonie major 32.0 MythTV - DVB
#10046 Channel insert/updates now strip off leading/trailing whitespace in callsign and name accepted sphery minor needs_triage MythTV - General
#10976 Improve default video display profiles new minor 29.2 MythTV - General
#11018 Distortion of Recordings/LiveTV if EIT-Scan is processing on another capturecard assigned Klaas de Waal minor needs_triage MythTV - General
#11420 Some .avi files fail to resume from bookmarks accepted Jim Stichnoth minor needs_triage MythTV - Video Playback
#12011 upnp NOTIFY messages are not sent accepted stuartm minor needs_triage MythTV - UPnP
#12012 Abbreviated show names don't work for Title assigned Raymond Wagner minor needs_triage MythTV - Video Library
#12276 [PATCH] Fix channel display on mythweb schedules page assigned Stuart Auchterlonie minor 32.0 Plugin - MythWeb
#13160 mythbackend process not stopped when using mythtv-setup new minor 29.2 Packaging
#13342 mythcommflag: Abort flagging if no logo detected new cpinkham minor needs_triage MythTV - Mythcommflag
#13405 EIT missing on some HDHomeRun DVB-C channels assigned Klaas de Waal minor needs_triage MythTV - EIT
#13480 mythtv packaging fixes/29 build on Debian Buster new minor needs_triage Packaging
#13570 packaging/deb/debian - control and accepted Bill Meek minor 31.1 Packaging
#13590 Packaging deb-light fix configure lines new Peter Bennett minor needs_triage Packaging
#13595 Fix musicmetadata handling of compilations new paul-h minor needs_triage Plugin - MythMusic
#13601 honour port setting in mythconverg backup/restore perl scripts new sphery minor needs_triage Contributed Scripts & Apps
#13610 MythWeb: Fix url encoding of sort links in column titles new Stuart Auchterlonie minor needs_triage Plugin - MythWeb
#13626 Allow the image viewer to handle symlinks new minor needs_triage MythTV - General
#13635 Ripping select tracks in mythmusic fails new paul-h minor needs_triage Plugin - MythMusic
#13645 extend metadatagrabber timeout to 3 minutes new minor needs_triage MythTV - General
#12248 livetv transitions demonstrate bad decoder start conditions accepted Mark Kendall trivial 32.0 MythTV - General
#13325 tmdb3 python bindings wait too long for the API rate limit to expire new Raymond Wagner trivial needs_triage Bindings - Python
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