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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Component
#12932 Patch to EIT table version handling in DVBStreamData assigned Stuart Auchterlonie major 29.2 MythTV - DVB
#10046 Channel insert/updates now strip off leading/trailing whitespace in callsign and name accepted sphery minor unknown MythTV - General
#10456 Change packaging scripts to build noarch packages as noarch assigned xris minor unknown Packaging
#10886 Services SendAction API doesn't stop screensaver new minor unknown MythTV - General
#10938 Logo detection not working assigned beirdo minor unknown MythTV - Mythcommflag
#10976 Improve default video display profiles new minor 29.2 MythTV - General
#11018 Distortion of Recordings/LiveTV if EIT-Scan is processing on another capturecard new minor unknown MythTV - General
#11170 [PATCH] Fix Windows cross-compile of MythTV 0.26 & master on Linux new minor unknown Ports - Windows
#11278 Video glitches when re-scanning streams with a different framerate to the local standard new minor unknown MythTV - Video Decoding
#11420 Some .avi files fail to resume from bookmarks accepted Jim Stichnoth minor unknown MythTV - Video Playback
#11591 mingw build fixes new minor unknown Ports - Windows
#11991 NWS script for alerts cannot handle some formats of geocode new beirdo minor unknown Plugin - MythWeather
#12011 upnp NOTIFY messages are not sent accepted stuartm minor unknown MythTV - UPnP
#12012 Abbreviated show names don't work for Title assigned Karl Egly minor unknown MythTV - Video Library
#12118 [PATCH] Mythshutdown enhancements for systems with multiple backends new minor unknown MythTV - Mythwelcome & Mythshutdown
#12141 Fields season/episode/totalepisodes sometimes missing assigned Klaas de Waal minor unknown MythTV - General
#12254 MythGame settings not initialized in the database infoneeded_new minor unknown Plugin - MythGame
#12276 [PATCH] Fix channel display on mythweb schedules page new Rob Smith minor unknown Plugin - MythWeb
#12312 mythfilldatabase (SD/DD) does not honour $TMPDIR assigned sphery minor unknown MythTV - Mythfilldatabase
#12365 Patch: Update Perl and Python bindings proto version and token accepted Raymond Wagner minor unknown Bindings - Python
#12460 mythmetadata: data lookup for TV specials fails new JYA minor 29.2 MythTV - Mythmetadatalookup
#12578 Fix metadata lookup for Power Search rules new minor unknown MythTV - General
#12911 Further greek eit fixes new Karl Egly minor unknown MythTV - EIT
#12912 Unicode categories and greek datetime fixes for mythweb new Stuart Auchterlonie minor unknown Plugin - MythWeb
#12973 Repeated use of time stretch adjustment has rounding error accepted Stuart Auchterlonie minor 29.2 MythTV - General
#12997 [PATCH] Country name correction assigned Nicolas Riendeau minor unknown MythTV - General
#13019 Patch progdetails.cpp to treat relevance column as the character it is new minor unknown MythTV - General
#13126 'Listings' not showing movie rating for non-English languages accepted Stuart Auchterlonie minor 29.2 Plugin - MythWeb
#13160 mythbackend process not stopped when using mythtv-setup new minor 29.2 Packaging
#13283 MythWeb: default video.css broken new Stuart Auchterlonie minor needs_triage Plugin - MythWeb
#13299 Python Bindings fail to calculate date-time object new Raymond Wagner minor needs_triage Bindings - Python
#13301 Debian/Ubuntu: Install Droid fonts instead of symlinking. new minor needs_triage Packaging
#13309 mysql 5.7+ inserting NULLs into session modified column causes error instead of current timestamp new Stuart Auchterlonie minor needs_triage Plugin - MythWeb
#13342 mythcommflag: Abort flagging if no logo detected new cpinkham minor needs_triage MythTV - Mythcommflag
#13343 GitHub: PR 175 Compare to `None` using identity `is` operator new minor needs_triage MythTV - General
#13368 Fix PHP warning and compilation error in mythweb search new Stuart Auchterlonie minor 30.1 Plugin - MythWeb
#13405 EIT missing on some HDHomeRun DVB-C channels assigned Klaas de Waal minor needs_triage MythTV - EIT
#13406 Patches to fix php count warnings with PHP 7.2 accepted Stuart Auchterlonie minor 30.1 Plugin - MythWeb
#12248 livetv transitions demonstrate bad decoder start conditions new trivial unknown MythTV - General
#13325 tmdb3 python bindings wait too long for the API rate limit to expire new Raymond Wagner trivial needs_triage Bindings - Python
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