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#12550 IPTV Recorder error with EXT-X-VERSION:5 assigned paul-h Bug Report - General major needs_triage
#12522 v4l2 recorders incorrectly call VIDIOC_STREAMON when not using streaming mode new Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General minor 29.2
#12549 Populate stars (user rating) on recorded metadata lookup [patch] new JYA Patch - Feature minor unknown
#12551 No frequency table entries for Hong Kong new Bug Report - General minor unknown
#12585 tmdb3: Use searchMovieWithYear instead of searchMovie new JYA Bug Report - General minor unknown
#12602 lossless transcode that fills the disk loses the tail of the recording new JYA Bug Report - General minor needs_triage
#12624 Recorded TV incorrectly indicates a recording as finished when it is in fact still recording following "All tuners are busy" options new stuartm Bug Report - General minor unknown
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