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#1 fixed Trac testing ticket Isaac Richards anonymous

This ticket is reserved for testing trac functionality after upgrades.

#2 fixed XvMC broken for HDTV on the unichrome pro chipset jdonavan jdonavan

When XVMC_MAX_SURF_NUM is 16, XvMC playback of HD sized streams gives either a blank screen + sound or garbage + sound. As the first call to XvMCPutSurface generates an error from Xv that says "X Error: BadAlloc? (insufficient resources for operation0".

Reducing XVMC_MAX_SURF_NUM to 12 allows playback of HD sized streams but with many prebuffering pauses.

Reducing XVMC_MAX_SURF_NUM to 8 allows for smooth playback of HD sized streams.

#3 fixed Mythweb Recorded Programs "disk usage" reporting xris rtsai1111@…

At the bottom of the recorded_programs.php page, total disk usage is reported, but there is an implication that all of it is used by recorded programs (which it isn't, at least not in my case, since I have a single partition holding videos, livetv, photos, music, and recordedtv).

The current last line of the recorded_programs.php page reads:

19 programs, using 150 GB (16 hrs 11 mins) out of 284 GB.

This patch totals up the per-recording "filesize" values and changes the text to read:

19 programs, using 33 GB (16 hrs 11 mins) out of 284 GB (134 GB free).

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