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#2239 wontfix Patch to accept remote buttons as logical identifiers. Isaac Richards navahogunleg@…

This patch allows MythTV to accept remote buttons (coming from LIRC) as logical identifiers. So in stead of configuring LIRC to map a button to a 'keypress', this patch will make the configured identifier to be correctly interpreted by Myth. ( As discussed in this thread: )

Old way: begin prog = mythtv button = TV repeat = 3 config = X this keypress would reach Myth end

New way: begin prog = mythtv button = TV repeat = 3 config = remoteTV end

I wrote it so that if, in lircrc, a single character is found, this will still be interpreted as a keypress (i.e. it's downwards compatible).

(There's a known problem however, when Myth requests user input in an editbox, one hits a remote button, the text-identifier of that button will be inserted in that edit-box.)

Supplied is also the patch to recognise these in MythControls? so one can actually configure remote keypresses.

#7298 fixed Let Program.findDiskPath use storagegroup instead of recordgroup Rob Smith -Thomas-

findDiskPath uses this->recgroup for selecting the correct storage directory from the database. This should be this->storagegroup instead. Patch is attached.

#9504 Invalid FTA EPG not displayed for one channel only Stuart Auchterlonie 0123peter@…

Here in Melbourne Australia there are six free to air dvb-t stations. MythTV displays free to air electronic program data for all channels - except one. The exception is Community Television (CH31, actually broadcast on physical channel 32, I think). I know that the data is there because my parents' set top box displays it. The people who run C31 seem to be mostly new to the game and not too sure of what they are doing, so it is very possible that there is something wrong with their epg data, but I am sure that MythTV could handle C31's problems more gracefully than just ignoring them.

The signal strength seems reasonable. Picture quality is good. I have tried adding a 125kHz offset, which helps for channels 9 and 28.

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