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#13634 Fixed QT5.15 - MythTV fails compile on Arch Linux Stuart Auchterlonie bonhug

Compile of mythtv with QT5.15 fails with the following messages

mythpainter.cpp: In member function ‘void MythPainter::DrawTextPriv(MythImage*, const QString&, int, const QRect&, const MythFontProperties&)’:
mythpainter.cpp:268:18: error: aggregate ‘QPainterPath path’ has incomplete type and cannot be defined
  268 |     QPainterPath path;
      |                  ^~~~
make[2]: *** [Makefile:1629: obj/mythpainter.o] Error 1

by adding

#include <QPainterPath>

to the top of mythpainter.cpp allowed compilation to succeed.



#13633 fixed Improve mythfilldatabase XMLTV logging David Hampton Gary Buhrmaster

Improve mythfilldatabase XMLTV logging

The intent of these patches is to improve logging, especially for those converting from the legacy DataDirect? service to the Schedules Direct XMLTV service. It is hoped that this patch set be backported to fixes/31. The changes have been separated into smaller pieces so that the designated SME can more appropriately review the codes.

The changes are:

  • Add what appears to be a missing logging message for the interrupted grabber case.
  • Remove a LOC identifier that is not used elsewhere for LOG_ERR messages in mythfilldatabase.
  • Invoke the running of the grabber such that the output is actually captured and logged (the code implies (via header/trailer separators) that at some time in the past the output was made available in the logs, but it has not been so for some time).
  • Change the loglevel in programdata to be the same as EIT updates (i.e. debug).  This also allows a run of "mythfilldatabase --verbose general,xmltv" to not needlessly include messages about adding/deleting actual programs (i.e. making the usage easier to review), but just include the XMLTV logging that likely matters for the average use case.

FWIW, I initially used the new MythSystem? rather than MythSystemLegacy? for the grabber invokation, but the rabbit hole for proper implementation included implementing a TODO in MythSystem?, and since it was a larger update, would likely not be appropriate to backport. I'll look at the TODO in MythSystem? and converting mythfilldatabase at some later time.

Operational status:  It is in the "works for me" phase (I am using the entire set of patches with my own builds of MythTV).

Patches will be attached.

#13632 fixed Resolve TODO in metadatagrabber David Hampton Gary Buhrmaster

Resolve TODO in metadatagrabber

In metadatagrabber.cpp there is a comment:

// it would be nice to statically compile these, but I can't manage to get it
// to compile.  apparently initializer lists are supported in QT5/CPP11 that
// will make this work.  for now, use a lock and initialize on first access.

In Qt 5.2 (ish?) Qt added C++11 initializer lists for QMap.

Since recent fixes and master both require both more recent Qt and C++ versions, let us eliminate a legacy TODO.

Lightly tested in a development test environment

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