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#722 Deselecting PlayLists doesn't update Active Play Queue correctly Isaac Richards defect minor 0.19 mythmusic
#13390 Desktop scaling inversely scales mythfrontend peper03 Developer Task minor 31.0 MythTV - General
#13073 Detailed channel listing repeats title when it has multiple program ratings Stuart Auchterlonie Bug Report - General minor unknown Plugin - MythWeb
#9443 Detect Intel i3 and i5 processors beirdo Patch - Feature minor 0.25 MythTV - General
#4872 Detect if video is letterboxed and switch to corect fill mode Janne Grunau enhancement minor 0.22 mythtv
#6899 Detect programs damaged by their broadcasters and notify the user for rescheduling Isaac Richards enhancement minor unknown MythTV - General
#6898 Detect programs whose broadcasters claim are longer than their timeslot danielk enhancement minor unknown MythTV - Mythfilldatabase
#6902 DetectLetterbox.cpp fails to compile when not using X11 Janne Grunau defect minor 0.22 MythTV - Video Playback
#7659 Determine audio properties from recorded file instead of schedule data danielk enhancement minor 0.25 MythTV - Recording
#5604 DeviceReadBuffer: limit poll timeouts danielk patch minor unknown mythtv
#802 DiSEqC confuses channel changing with LiveTV danielk defect minor 0.20 dvb
#973 DiSEqC switch support behind a positioner danielk patch minor 0.20 mythtv
#2142 DiSEqC without switch breaks recording danielk defect major 0.20 mythtv
#4378 DiSEqCDevTree, Warning: No device tree for cardid 0 Isaac Richards defect minor 0.22 mythtv
#2546 Dialing in mythphone does not work if German translation is selected Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythphone
#4190 Dialog boxes text alignment for RTL languanges Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythtv
#320 Dialog informing user that they should have gotten a signal by now danielk patch minor 0.19 mythtv
#3829 Different OSD formats for livetv, recordings and mythvideo paulh enhancement minor 0.22 mythtv
#3535 Different Protocol on Mythweb xris defect major unknown mythweb
#6251 Different problems about scan (complete scan, multiplexe scann or channels.conf scan) danielk defect critical 0.21.1 MythTV - Channel Scanner
#2324 Difficult to navigate in mythtv-setup Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
#8697 Digital audio out has been broken since 25164 commit. JYA defect minor unknown MythTV - Audio Output
#3301 Digital cable channel scanning broken Jarod Wilson defect major unknown mythtv
#10621 Digital output device override doesn't behave properly JYA Bug Report - General minor 0.25.1 MythTV - Audio Output
#2986 Digital sub-channels on the same multiplex all get the same program data. danielk defect minor unknown mythfilldatabase
#8464 Digital tuner prevents mythbackend starting Janne Grunau defect critical unknown MythTV - DVB
#3768 DirectFB / videoout_directfb.cpp patch Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythtv
#10690 Directory browsing support missing in MythMusic Patch - Feature minor 0.26 Plugin - MythMusic
#3551 Directory selection in video Manager Anduin Withers enhancement minor unknown mythvideo
#3436 Directory sorting order for mythweb video module Rob Smith enhancement minor unknown mythweb
#6696 Disable fftw_lib3 when --disable-fftw is passed to configure stuartm enhancement minor 0.22 Plugin - MythMusic
#11968 Disabling automatic mythfilldatabase still causes wakeups Peter Bennett Patch - Bug Fix minor unknown MythTV - Scheduling
#2793 DiseqC input connection settings not saved in mythtv-setup danielk patch minor 0.21 mythtv
#12499 Diseqc LNB 2 can no longer be configured for use in mythtv-setup gigem Bug Report - General major 0.28 MythTV - Mythtv-setup
#3373 DishNet EIT Broken Janne Grunau defect minor 0.21 eit
#1056 Dishnet EIT Patch danielk enhancement minor 0.20 mythtv
#9771 Disk free bar shows 0.0%, 0GB beirdo Patch - Bug Fix minor MythTV - General
#4070 Display Filters not using Video Display Profiles danielk defect minor 0.21 mythtv
#3493 Display coverart in OSD for mythvideo robertm enhancement minor 0.22 mythtv
#4329 Display date on LCD, in addition to time paulh patch minor 0.21 mythtv
#1994 Display free space in terms of Hours and Minutes danielk patch trivial 0.20 mythtv
#10820 Display language code to the extracted dvb subtitles folder and in teletext captions file danielk Patch - Feature minor 0.26 MythTV - Captions
#3579 Display movie's metadata image as folder icon Anduin Withers enhancement minor 0.22 mythvideo
#5802 Display of croatian characters in epg Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
#10460 Display the current channel group when browsing LiveTV Xavier Hervy <xavier.hervy@…> Patch - Feature minor 0.28 MythTV - General
#5453 Display timer is not reset on music information display when outside of mythmusic and forwarding/rewinding trac paulh defect minor unknown mythmusic
#8656 Display video format in INFO OSD markk patch minor 0.24 MythTV - Video Playback
#5462 Displayed program length is 1.25X of actual length with pvrusb2 danielk defect minor unknown mythtv
#8782 Dissapearing DVD subtitles markk defect minor 0.24 MythTV - DVD Playback
#9930 Distorted alsa-output on some soundcards JYA Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.24.1 MythTV - Audio Output
#12986 Distorted video when recording (but audio is fine) JYA Bug Report - General critical 0.28.2 MythTV - Recording
#2847 Distortion below DVD subtitles skamithi defect minor unknown mythdvd
#6173 Divco Fusion HDTV Dual complaining about reading S/N danielk defect minor 0.22 MythTV - DVB/ATSC
#1032 Divide by zero error in mythfrontend information screen cpinkham defect minor 0.19 mythtv
#12155 Do not allow subtitile to be set for manual recordings gigem Bug Report - General minor 0.27.2 Plugin - MythWeb
#5091 Do not pass null pointer to m_LinkEffect.Initialise() Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
#3302 Do not update mfdb min/max hour for MythFillGrabberSuggestsTime cpinkham patch minor unknown mythfilldatabase
#4460 DoS on mythbackend port listeners Isaac Richards defect minor 0.21 mythtv
#794 Doc: The "pre Shutdown check-command" is mandatory, not optional Robert Kulagowski patch minor unknown mythtv
#1814 Docs for changing hostname is incorrect for mysql 5 Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
#10779 Docs patch Karl Dietz <dekarl@…> Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.27 MythTV - General
#2474 Documentation Update to "Installing and using MythTV" Robert Kulagowski patch minor unknown mythtv
#2018 Documentation for MythVideo should note Perl module dependencies Anduin Withers enhancement trivial 0.20 mythvideo
#9251 Documentation for mythweb under lighttpd beirdo Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.25 Plugin - MythWeb
#8380 Documentation update for mythbackend_autostart (mythtv-HOWTO-23.html) Robert Kulagowski patch minor 0.24 Documentation
#6721 Documentation updates for INSTALL file xris patch minor unknown Plugin - MythWeb
#1305 Documentation: new Mandriva/Mandrake package dependency (GLU) with 0.19 Robert Kulagowski enhancement minor unknown mythtv
#1363 Documented Qt version requirement incorrect Robert Kulagowski defect trivial unknown mythtv
#2530 Does not compile on openSuSE 10.1 Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
#3529 Does not switch satellites on channel change danielk defect minor unknown dvb
#2047 Doesn't build on sparc and alpha Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythtv
#1776 Doesn't display fancy_description(details, HD) for scheduled program xris defect minor 0.20 mythweb
#6559 Doesn't record even though it says so danielk defect major unknown MythTV - Recording
#5057 Dolby Flag in XMLTV using na_dd is ignored stuartm defect trivial 0.22 mythfilldatabase
#12580 Dolby TrueHD encoding with Atmos extensions does not work in fixes-0.27 JYA Patch - Bug Fix minor 29.0 MythTV - Audio Output
#9152 Don't Autoflag commercials not honored Raymond Wagner defect minor 0.25 MythTV - Mythcommflag
#13250 Don't Create XVideo Display Profiles When They Aren't Supported Mark Spieth Bug Report - General minor 30.0 Ports - Android
#4596 Don't add unnecessary data items to Active Screens stuartm defect trivial 0.21 mythweather
#1520 Don't automatically add new channels in mythfilldatabase danielk patch minor 0.20 mythtv
#6300 Don't backup database if upgrade is not allowed paulh patch minor 0.22 MythTV - General
#5312 Don't cache default values in the settings cache Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythtv
#1854 Don't delete bookmark, cutlist when transcoding Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythtv
#2228 Don't delete symlinks in the recordings directory that point to files in other trees. cpinkham task minor 0.21 mythtv
#940 Don't group calphas together Isaac Richards enhancement trivial unknown mythmusic
#775 Don't lowercase Artist and Album fields in MythMusic tree Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythmusic
#5503 Don't pass negative file descriptors to dup?() Isaac Richards defect trivial unknown mythtv
#3584 Don't pre-cache glyphs for non-displayable control chars stuartm patch minor 0.21 mythtv
#7764 Don't require elevated rights to start windows frontend Nigel patch minor unknown Ports - Windows
#3801 Don't search for empty strings in mythweb Rob Smith patch minor unknown mythweb
#10997 Don't send Diseqc if tuning to the same transponder Karl Egly Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.28 MythTV - DVB
#5617 Don't sort empty upcoming recordings list Rob Smith patch minor unknown mythweb
#3504 Don't use chanid to get the start channel for the live guide danielk task minor unknown mythtv
#6238 Don't warn about menu <action> handled by callbacks paulh patch minor 0.22 MythTV - General
#1136 Double Escape from watch recordings menu crashed frontend Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
#10173 Double framerate deinterlacer incorrectly invalidated markk Bug Report - General minor 0.25 MythTV - Video Playback
#11311 Double or trailing spacing in title prevents display in 'Watch Recordings' Bug Report - General minor unknown MythTV - General
#9829 Doubled EIA-608 letters in digital channels danielk Bug Report - General minor 0.25 MythTV - Video/OSD Rendering
#6334 Doubled remote keypresses on OSX Nigel defect minor 0.22 Ports - OSX
#7720 Download Icons Mythtv-Setup issue Isaac Richards defect minor unknown MythTV - Mythtv-setup
#11204 Download Metadata with Scan for Changes not working when Filter active Raymond Wagner Bug Report - General minor 0.28.2 MythTV - Video Library
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