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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#7659 Determine audio properties from recorded file instead of schedule data danielk enhancement minor 0.25 MythTV - Recording
#7916 Automatically save cutlist during editing Janne Grunau patch minor unknown MythTV - General
#8065 Replace REPLACE INTO mysql code with better alternatives danielk task minor unknown MythTV - General
#8188 Truncated translate in MythCenter and MythCenter-wide danielk patch trivial 0.25 Themes
#8211 Incorrect channel change with a channel group and multiple sources danielk defect minor 0.25 MythTV - General
#8370 make uninstall does not remove all installed files beirdo defect trivial unknown Bindings - Perl
#8374 update mythvideo's scan.php to support hashes Rob Smith patch minor 0.25 Plugin - MythWeb
#8448 mythfilldatabase timeout on Satellite danielk defect minor unknown MythTV - General
#8664 Caption only mode beirdo enhancement minor unknown Plugin - MythGallery
#8695 Optimize DVBStreamHandler::UpdateFiltersFromStreamData() Janne Grunau enhancement minor unknown MythTV - DVB
#8697 Digital audio out has been broken since 25164 commit. JYA defect minor unknown MythTV - Audio Output
#8741 inputgroup entries not removed when reducing/disabling multirec danielk defect minor unknown MythTV - Mythtv-setup
#8790 Patch to fix eta timer bug in mencoder jobs beirdo defect minor 0.24 Apps - Nuvexport
#8838 win32 build script doesn't update dependent packages (e.g. binutils) robertm enhancement minor 0.25 Packaging
#8859 Video playback not falling back to XVideo when VDPAU fails markk defect minor 0.25 MythTV - Video Playback
#8965 Blank PGS subtitles Janne Grunau patch minor unknown MythTV - Video Playback
#8975 Move to Effects struct in MythUI/drop hardcoded effects stuartm enhancement minor unknown MythTV - User Interface Library
#8987 Stream video size issues Rob Smith defect minor unknown Plugin - MythWeb
#9004 enhance MythMusic Telnet interface enhancement minor unknown MythTV - General
#9021 Lyngsat channel icon search fails on nonalphabetic characters? danielk defect minor unknown MythTV - Mythtv-setup
#9025 issue with mythvideo themes robertm defect minor unknown Themes
#9074 allocine script for new metadata schema and allocine API robertm enhancement minor 0.25 Plugin - MythVideo
#9119 timestretch enable makes playback jump by up to 2 secs JYA defect minor unknown MythTV - Audio Output
#9134 Maintain proper order for actors in movies robertm enhancement minor unknown Plugin - MythVideo
#9169 Fix media monitor autoplay of DVD's, audio CD's, USB discs beirdo patch minor unknown MythTV - General
#9185 [PATCH i18n] NEW POLISH translation Kenni Lund [kenni a kelu dot dk] patch minor unknown Translations
#9212 mythfrontend ALSA external volume change recognition JYA enhancement minor unknown MythTV - Audio Output
#9293 No still images / menus when playing DVDs with XvMC-VLD markk Bug Report minor 0.24.1 MythTV - DVD Playback
#9302 svn27357 DolbyDigital2.0 isn't passed through JYA Bug Report trivial unknown MythTV - Audio Output
#9312 Setting up Video Source Cannot see all of screen Bug Report minor unknown Themes
#9314 Selecting "Record and watch" in .24 causes MythTV to infinite loop Bug Report minor unknown MythTV - General
#9339 Rewind and fast forward speeds not displayed on screen while watching live or recorded tv in graphite theme 0.24. Bug Report minor unknown MythTV - General
#9340 Problem with deleting videos robertm Bug Report minor unknown Plugin - MythVideo
#9345 mythbackend appears to leak memory Bug Report trivial unknown MythTV - General
#9523 [PATCH] MythGallery hogs cpu when scanning folders with non-image files. beirdo Bug Report minor 0.25 Plugin - MythGallery
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