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#3901 Editing video information in MythWeb always sets parental level to 0 Rob Smith defect minor 0.21 mythweb
#10907 Eit Fixup for Danish Cable TV (YouSee) Stuart Auchterlonie Patch - Feature minor 0.27 MythTV - EIT
#2990 Eject CD Broken in CD Import Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythmusic
#4877 Eject button on DVD drive disabled Nigel defect minor unknown mythtv
#4126 Eject does not work if drive in IgnoreDevices for monitoring Nigel defect minor unknown mythtv
#2462 Eject media button fails if tray is empt Nigel defect minor unknown mythtv
#3756 Ejecting DVD interrupts Internal Viewer Nigel defect minor 0.21 mythtv
#11708 Ejecting the CD/DVD drive causes playback of MP3s to stop paulh Bug Report - General major 0.27 Plugin - MythMusic
#4421 Empty Group View in Watch Recordings hangs UI Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
#3099 Empty Watch Recordings screen with no way out cpinkham defect minor unknown mythtv
#4017 Empty recorded programs after deleting on-going recording skamithi defect minor unknown mythtv
#5408 Empty storage group name becomes '/' Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
#6449 Enable Flash/NSPlugins and Javascript in MythWebBrowser Janne Grunau enhancement minor 0.22 MythTV - General
#2061 Enable MPEG4 idct/ime recording profile settings Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
#6543 Enable MythMusic on OSX Nigel patch minor unknown Ports - OSX
#5370 Enable Playback of DVD-Movie-Protect Videos skamithi enhancement minor unknown mythtv
#1303 Enable bookmarking in LiveTV cpinkham patch minor unknown mythtv
#8862 Enable device scan for DirectX audio settings JYA enhancement minor 0.24 MythTV - Audio Output
#3737 Enable editing metadata of highlighted track in mythmusic stuartm patch minor 0.21 mythmusic
#8153 Enable external subtitles in OSD menu Isaac Richards patch minor 0.24 MythTV - General
#10223 Enable italics and underlining in EIA-708 captions danielk Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.25 MythTV - General
#6237 Enable mythfrontend --logfile logging early to get all info into log file Isaac Richards patch minor unknown MythTV - General
#7249 Enable page-zoom in mythbrowser paulh enhancement minor 0.22 Plugin - MythBrowser
#3442 Enable song information on changing visualizers stuartm enhancement minor 0.21 mythmusic
#3499 Enable utf8 filenames in MythVideo stuartm patch minor 0.21 mythvideo
#6545 Enable video window resizing for win32 D3D Isaac Richards patch minor unknown MythTV - General
#2839 Enable virtual keyboard for ComboBox paulh patch minor unknown mythtv
#3978 Enable/Disable hidden EIT data via mythtv-setup danielk task minor unknown channelscan
#6732 Enabling XvMC no long compiles correctly Isaac Richards defect minor unknown MythTV - General
#8734 Enabling decryption check increases number of FTA muxes/channels found robertm defect minor 0.25 MythTV - Channel Scanner
#11446 Enabling full Airplay sometime gives fe startup segfault JYA Bug Report - Crash minor 0.27 MythTV - Airplay
#6768 Enabling mythmusic to add m4a to it's database stuartm patch minor 0.22 Plugin - MythMusic
#12819 Enabling time stretch on Raspberry Pi v3 platform causes jerky playback. Peter Bennett Bug Report - General minor unknown Ports - rPi
#5913 Enabling translation of screen names in mythweather stuartm patch minor 0.22 Plugin - MythWeather
#5914 Enabling translation of static GUI text Isaac Richards enhancement minor 0.22 mythweather
#5768 Enabling translation of the days of the week at mythweather stuartm enhancement minor 0.22 mythweather
#2519 Encrypted DVB channels not working danielk patch minor 0.21 mythtv
#2830 Encryption Monitoring support in the channel scanner danielk enhancement minor 0.22 channelscan
#1559 Endian fix in r9398 of audiooutputca.cpp breaks sound on PPC architectures Nigel defect minor unknown mythtv
#3445 category display/regex updates Rob Smith patch minor unknown mythweb
#5227 Enhance DVB scanner to add french frequencies table, stuartm patch trivial 0.21.1 mythtv
#248 Enhance scanning of video library to accomodate DVD backups jdonavan enhancement minor 0.19 mythvideo
#13061 Enhance the Video playback profile selection process Peter Bennett Developer Task minor 29.0 MythTV - Video Decoding
#3243 Enhanced Conflict Display paulh patch minor 0.21 mythtv
#110 Enhanced Watch Recordings Group Filter cpinkham patch minor unknown mythtv
#2984 Enhancement for finding MPEG2 startcodes Janne Grunau enhancement minor unknown mythtv
#3446 Enhancement: Configurable exit menu paulh patch minor 0.21 mythtv
#2012 Enhancement: select *closest* cutpoint for removal during editing Isaac Richards patch trivial unknown mythtv
#5247 Enhancing logging for mytharchive paulh enhancement minor unknown mytharchive
#3929 Ensure current channel is selected in Channel Detail xris defect minor unknown mythweb
#7213 Entering setup causes ASSERT: "hdc" in file image\qnativeimage.cpp, line 106 when using Terra robertm defect minor 0.24 Ports - Windows
#11672 Entering wrong password causes duplicate enter password screens stuartm Bug Report - General minor 0.27 MythTV - General
#12003 Episode info not usable in templates in themes Jonatan Lindblad <jlindblad@…> Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.27.6 Themes
#3791 Episode selection in "The IT Crowd" broken skamithi defect minor unknown mythvideo
#6189 Erroneous Content-Range in mythweb raw stream Rob Smith defect minor unknown Plugin - MythWeb
#8054 Error exporting XviD through nuvexport using mencoder for singe pass with no quantisation beirdo patch minor unknown Apps - Nuvexport
#5883 Error in MythUIButtonList::RemoveItem() logic Isaac Richards defect minor 0.22 mythtv
#5208 Error in line executing iscc in win32-packager danielk defect minor 0.21.1 windows
#8686 Error reporting for invalid xml robertm patch trivial 0.24 MythTV - Mythfilldatabase
#8310 Error running mythcommflag --clearcutlist Isaac Richards defect trivial unknown MythTV - General
#8469 Error streaming FLV over mythweb, Frame size must be a multiple of 2 Rob Smith defect minor 0.24 Plugin - MythWeb
#10836 Error strings in Information Center -> System -> Job Queue are not translatable Nicolas Riendeau Bug Report - General minor 0.26 Translations
#1795 Error when compiling httpstatus.cpp Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythtv
#5841 Error when compiling rev 18770 danielk defect blocker unknown mythtv
#13165 Errors in new setup screens for VBOX tuners Peter Bennett Bug Report - General minor 29.1 MythTV - Mythtv-setup
#9210 Esc from Watch Recordings initial group filter does not return to menu cpinkham defect minor 0.24.1 MythTV - General
#5656 Escape regex-special characters in filenames for video handler xris patch minor unknown mythweb
#2317 Estonian translation update and one fix Oscar Carlsson defect minor unknown mythtv
#7120 Every time I click on mythweb's "Recording Schedules" link I get this error. Rob Smith defect major unknown Plugin - MythWeb
#13123 Exception using python bindings Roger Siddons Patch - Bug Fix minor 29.1 Bindings - Python
#3311 Exclude null/empty airdates in Mythweb xris patch trivial unknown mythweb
#6582 Exclude special groups from disk space reporting Isaac Richards patch minor 0.22 MythTV - General
#5533 Executing the Network Control "query LiveTV" causes frontend to crash Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythtv
#262 Exiting LiveTV not possible from an off-air channel at startup danielk defect major 0.19 mythtv
#4997 Exiting mythbrowser in mythnews with a remote exits mythnews, too Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythnews
#10185 Exiting mythgallery (photo gallery) hangs frontend beirdo Bug Report - General minor 0.25 Plugin - MythGallery
#11751 Exiting mythvideo prior metadata search finishes lead to crash JYA Bug Report - General critical 0.27 MythTV - Video Library
#4230 Exiting mythvideo takes you to the main menu Anduin Withers defect minor unknown mythvideo
#9625 Exiting near end of still-recording program results in no bookmark set sphery Bug Report - General minor 0.25 MythTV - General
#13452 Exiv 0.27.1 breaks the build. David Hampton Bug Report - General major 31.0 MythTV - General
#2978 Expand "Action on playback exit" option to include Live TV skamithi enhancement minor unknown mythtv
#6130 Experimental VDPAU optimisations markk patch minor 0.22 MythTV - Video Playback
#11141 Experimental commerciall flagging options D2 goes into finite loop on frame 0 taking 100% CPU Jim Stichnoth Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.27 MythTV - Mythcommflag
#1686 Expire subtitles when not displayed danielk patch minor 0.20 mythtv
#10704 Expired programs are not being deleted with master/slave backends. stuartm Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.26.1 MythTV - Housekeeper
#4701 Explicitly use non-unicode Win32 API Isaac Richards patch minor 0.21 mythtv
#13588 Export themestrings as a sorted list Nick Morrott Developer Task minor unknown Translations
#10044 Extend EIT parser to handle 3DTV signalling stuartm Patch - Feature minor 0.27 MythTV - EIT
#12168 Extend IPTV recorder to support TS streams over HTTP 0.27 paulh Patch - Feature minor 0.28 MythTV - Recording
#3162 Extend MHEG support to cover the New Zealand Profile danielk enhancement minor 0.21 mythtv
#2201 Extend additional priority modifiers to add Sign Language & HD Support Stuart Auchterlonie task minor 0.22 MythTV - General
#4504 Extend guide to show unavailable channels in a different color (multirec) stuartm enhancement minor 0.25 MythTV - User Interface Library
#4076 Extend shuffle on mythmusic to sort by artist paulh patch minor 0.21 mythmusic
#10009 Extend textarea of video window in default-wide paulh Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.25 MythTV - User Interface Library
#7748 External requests to quit are processed the same as internal requests danielk patch minor 0.23 MythTV - General
#1748 External text-based subtitle file support for the internal video player danielk patch minor 0.20 mythtv
#102 Extra Records in Recordedprograms and Recorded Tables cpinkham defect minor unknown mythtv
#2589 Extra index on program.manualid improves scheduler performance stuartm patch trivial 0.21 mythtv
#5884 Extra screen in mythvideo missing since port to mythui Anduin Withers defect minor 0.22 mythvideo
#2922 Extra semicolon in nuvexport/transcode/ xris patch minor 0.21 perl / nuvexport
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