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#6864 Minor touchup of default MythNews theme. Isaac Richards patch trivial 0.22 Themes
#1570 Minor usability enhancement for removable media in MythGallery danielk patch minor unknown mythgallery
#8984 Mirobridge crashes (similar error to #8922) Raymond Wagner defect minor 0.24 Contributed Scripts & Apps
#8051 Mirobridge fails with NameError: global name 'struct' is not defined sphery defect minor unknown Contributed Scripts & Apps
#8893 Mirobridge unable to add recordings post r25932 Raymond Wagner defect minor 0.24 MythTV - General
#6819 Miscellaneous MythVideo Storage Group Fixes/Improvements robertm task minor unknown Plugin - MythVideo
#7081 Misnamed Variable in Python Bindings Anduin Withers patch minor unknown Bindings - Python
#5002 Missed one null check in cahgneset 16659 Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
#13481 Missed recordings caused by EIT guide update Klaas de Waal Patch - Bug Fix minor 31.0 MythTV - EIT
#2917 Missing $ in xris patch minor 0.21 perl / nuvexport
#7899 Missing $ in Rob Smith defect minor 0.23 Plugin - MythWeb
#6828 Missing HDHomeRun device can crash backend on startup danielk defect major 0.22 MythTV - General
#8828 Missing Separator in FFmpeg config.mak Janne Grunau defect minor 0.24 MythTV - configure script
#2933 Missing TD in mythweb's mythvideo tmpl xris patch trivial unknown mythweb
#13016 Missing Teletext Subtitles in Recordings Peter Bennett Patch - Bug Fix minor 29.1 MythTV - Captions
#7267 Missing and erratic status updates in EPG Isaac Richards defect blocker 0.22 MythTV - General
#3065 Missing canonical language code mappings in iso639.cpp danielk patch minor 0.21 mythtv
#12050 Missing comma in cab647b causes "Unable to execute query" error. Raymond Wagner Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.28 MythTV - Housekeeper
#3957 Missing comma in disk space sizes greater than 1000 MB Isaac Richards defect trivial unknown mythtv
#5207 Missing configuremysql.vbs for danielk defect minor 0.21.1 windows
#2762 Missing define for "dvb_fe_caps_extended extinfo" in libmythtv/dvbchannel.h danielk defect minor 0.21 mythtv
#8085 Missing end tag in default recordings-ui.xml (cannot access recordings) Isaac Richards defect blocker unknown Themes
#8322 Missing forward declarations in libs/mythtv/darwinfirewiredevice.cpp Nigel patch minor unknown Ports - OSX
#1832 Missing include in signalmonitor.cpp danielk patch minor 0.20 mythtv
#5404 Missing includes needed when compiling on newer g++ danielk patch minor 0.21.1 mythmusic
#4865 Missing newline in error message xris patch minor unknown perl / nuvexport
#6281 Missing option value for argument in transcode Isaac Richards defect major unknown MythTV - Mythtranscode
#4379 Missing translation in dbsettings.cpp Oscar Carlsson patch minor unknown translation
#7073 Missing/wrong keybindings in start-early/end-late widgets stuartm defect minor 0.22 MythTV - General
#7091 Modification to VideoDialog::GetFirstImage, now will recursively search for an image robertm enhancement minor 0.22 Plugin - MythVideo
#7023 Modification to for Motorola 0 (zero) problem Jarod Wilson enhancement minor unknown MythTV - General
#6524 Modify MythFrontend Plugin Bundling on OSX Nigel patch minor unknown Ports - OSX
#2534 Modify MythVideo DB update for MySQL 3.x compatibility Anduin Withers patch minor unknown mythvideo
#2624 Modify US digital frequency tables to allow channels up to 159 danielk patch minor 0.21 mythtv
#792 Modify settings code to use the bindValues database stuff. Isaac Richards task minor 0.20 mythtv
#2929 Modify in mythplugins to satisfy kde paulh defect trivial unknown mytharchive
#11519 Mono PCM audio track on DVD gives audio decoding errors JYA Bug Report - General minor 0.26.1 MythTV - Audio Output
#1181 More Dutch menu updates Oscar Carlsson enhancement minor 0.19 mythtv
#520 More Information on the LCD for Mythmusic Isaac Richards enhancement minor unknown mythmusic
#5496 More features for upcoming recordings page Rob Smith patch minor unknown mythweb
#7995 More info in BlackCurves OSD Isaac Richards enhancement minor unknown Themes
#9848 More lenient eitfixup for broadcaster NRK (Norway) Stuart Auchterlonie Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.25 MythTV - EIT
#7133 More mythgallery fixes for windows after [21995] Nigel defect minor 0.22 Plugin - MythGallery
#7080 More nits with new schedule editor Isaac Richards defect minor 0.22 MythTV - General
#7203 More transcode parameter changes Anduin Withers patch minor 0.22 Plugin - MythVideo
#2887 More updates for master_icon map Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythtv
#1763 More verbose logging on DVB channel change danielk patch minor unknown mythtv
#791 Mouse (Click and gesture) Support in the new UI Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
#2747 Mouse-wheel support for MythUI Isaac Richards enhancement minor unknown mythtv
#4780 Move 'custom search' on video IMDB search popup to title section Rob Smith enhancement minor unknown mythweb
#1315 Move Bookmarks & Cutlist to Recordedmarkup cpinkham defect minor unknown mythtv
#736 Move Decoder lock/unlock from mutex into Decoder and small fixes to playbackbox Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythmusic
#4588 Move StorageGroup to libmyth cpinkham patch minor 0.21 mythtv
#11281 Move libhdhdhomerun to external/libhdhomerun, and resync to the current version danielk Patch - Feature minor 0.27 MythTV - General
#2544 Move mythfilldatabase cleanup tasks to the housekeeper cpinkham patch minor unknown mythtv
#1865 Move seek info from recordedmarkup Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythtv
#8908 Moved bits in the programflags field have not been updated in Mythweb danielk defect minor 0.24 Plugin - MythWeb
#1758 Moves mythtv-setup into programs/mythtv-setup Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythtv
#4518 Movie data lookup for russian movies from Anduin Withers enhancement minor 0.21 mythvideo
#4367 Movie titles in Mythweb video are displayed incorrectly, if they are written in languages other than english Rob Smith defect minor unknown mythweb
#4627 Movies should have null %ORIGINALAIRDATE% Isaac Richards patch minor unknown mythtv
#10454 Moving movie folders between backends does not update movie location Raymond Wagner Bug Report - General minor 0.25 MythTV - Video Library
#3379 Moving the function to change the CD speed to the MediaDevice object skamithi enhancement minor 0.21 mythtv
#11529 MpegRecorder as used by HDPVR looses memory leading to OOM danielk Bug Report - Memory Leak blocker 0.27 MythTV - Recording
#1813 Msg: 'Error was encountered while displaying danielk defect minor 0.20 mythtv
#2199 MtyhArchive failes when encoding transcoded mpeg4 recordings paulh defect minor unknown mytharchive
#3626 Multi-pass encoding using mytharchive paulh patch minor 0.21 mytharchive
#3462 Multi-stream OGM in Internal player causes frontend to crash Anduin Withers defect minor unknown mythvideo
#8791 Multiple Angle Support for Blu-ray and DVD markk defect minor unknown MythTV - Blu-ray Playback
#1983 Multiple disk fix for Mythgame greg patch minor 0.19.1 mythgame
#5831 Multiple simultaneous network control cpinkham enhancement minor unknown mythtv
#11200 Multiple spaces in recording title makes recording inaccessible stuartm Bug Report - General minor 0.26.1 MythTV - User Interface Library
#4472 Multirec merge causes backend crash with 3-digit firewire tuning danielk defect critical 0.21 mythtv
#4566 Multirec merge: Backend gets stuck tuning channel danielk defect minor 0.21 mythtv
#7144 Multirec with HDHR closes video stream when recordings overlap Nigel defect minor unknown MythTV - Recording
#8096 Music Only channels/still picture flag cause jump program error Peter Bennett defect minor unknown MythTV - Video Playback
#341 Music database update does not reread metadata Isaac Richards patch minor 0.19 mythmusic
#1355 Music module not showing icons for other modules xris defect minor unknown mythweb
#10412 Music playback resumes from stopped state when switching views paulh Bug Report - General minor 0.25 Plugin - MythMusic
#11847 Music scan produces lots of QSLQuery errors paulh Bug Report - General minor 0.27 Plugin - MythMusic
#13545 Music scripts: add python3 compatibility Bill Meek Patch - Bug Fix minor 31.0 Plugin - MythMusic
#12000 Musicbrainz Compilation album never detected by music scan Paul Harrison <pharrison@…> Bug Report - General minor 0.27.1 Plugin - MythMusic
#2238 Mute logic fails on cards using v4l1-compat danielk patch minor 0.21 mythtv
#6916 Muted audio is not preserved across channel changes markk defect minor 0.22 MythTV - Video Playback
#3606 Mutex destroy failure in network control Isaac Richards patch trivial unknown mythtv
#8744 Mutex protect ChannelScanSM - fix crash/data corruption danielk patch minor 0.25 MythTV - Channel Scanner
#2788 Muting Alsa danielk enhancement minor 0.21 mythtv
#398 MySQL Error during ATSC scan Isaac Richards defect major unknown mythtv
#5315 MyhtWeb always adds a new screen as second when configuring MythWeather screens xris defect minor unknown mythweb
#2643 Myhtfrontend doesn't change to the correct channel Janne Grunau defect minor 0.21 mythtv
#10422 Myhtweb change of sortorder for Season episodes in Recordings does not work Raymond Wagner Bug Report - General minor 0.25 Plugin - MythWeb
#3172 Myhweb music random everything fix + empty playlist xris enhancement minor unknown mythweb
#533 Mysql 5.0 has repeat as a function, datadirect.cpp needs to be updated. Isaac Richards defect major unknown mythtv
#13516 Mysql 8.0 added system to reserverd words Bill Meek Bug Report - General minor 31.0 MythTV - General
#708 Mysql error when using Internal player in Mythvideo cpinkham defect minor 0.19 mythtv
#10312 Mytfrontend 0.25 doesn't warn when trying to connect to 0.24 backend sphery Bug Report - General minor 0.25 MythTV - General
#10537 Myth 0.25-rc gcc 4.7 patch beirdo Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.24.3 MythTV - General
#10995 Myth 0.26 Wakes up late - mythshutdown UTC danielk Patch - Bug Fix minor 0.26.1 MythTV - General
#8292 Myth Backend Crashing under 10.6.3 Nigel defect minor unknown Ports - OSX
#1259 Myth Frontend crashes during playback Isaac Richards defect minor unknown mythtv
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