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Ticket Summary Version Milestone Owner
#12943 mythweb video streaming - add support for webm/ogv live video streaming Master Head 29.2 Stuart Auchterlonie
#13378 mythweb messes up database v29-fixes 29.2 Stuart Auchterlonie
#13379 schedule messed up by mythweb v29.1 29.2 Stuart Auchterlonie
#13572 Mythweb PHP 7.4 Error - Creating default object from empty value v30-fixes 31.0 Bill Meek

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Ticket Summary Version Milestone Owner
#13509 Mythweb Throws Errors in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS v30-fixes needs_triage Stuart Auchterlonie
#13125 Categories are wrong if $_SESSION['language'] does not match Xmltv language Master Head needs_triage Stuart Auchterlonie
#13138 mythweb last recorded time showing with utc+0 instead of correct timezone Master Head needs_triage Stuart Auchterlonie
#13209 PlaylistM3u is incomplete from mythweb v29.0 needs_triage Stuart Auchterlonie
#13283 MythWeb: default video.css broken v29-fixes needs_triage Stuart Auchterlonie
#13308 Troubleshooting errors v29-fixes needs_triage Stuart Auchterlonie
#13309 mysql 5.7+ inserting NULLs into session modified column causes error instead of current timestamp Master Head needs_triage Stuart Auchterlonie
#13366 Mythweb - Safely implement recommended best practices Unspecified needs_triage Stuart Auchterlonie
#13478 mythweb search.php throws errors v30-fixes needs_triage Stuart Auchterlonie
#11763 MythWeb doesn't use UTF-8 aware regex and string functions Unspecified unknown Nicolas Riendeau
#12276 [PATCH] Fix channel display on mythweb schedules page Master Head unknown Rob Smith
#12309 Still getting errors from Mythweb - PHP warnings Unspecified unknown Rob Smith
#12400 Change default transcoder to "High Quality" 0.27.4 unknown Rob Smith
#12406 Recording Schedules Error Unspecified unknown Rob Smith
#12407 SQL Error in /tv/recommended 0.27-fixes unknown Rob Smith
#12625 Mythweb: Streaming from slave backends 0.27-fixes unknown Rob Smith
#12795 Never Record button in the mythweb/tv/detail/ page results in an sql exception error 0.28.0 unknown Stuart Auchterlonie
#12833 "Only Show Distinct Shows" no longer works 0.28.0 unknown Stuart Auchterlonie
#12912 Unicode categories and greek datetime fixes for mythweb Master Head unknown Stuart Auchterlonie
#13005 "Forget Old" is not working again in version 28 0.28.0 unknown Stuart Auchterlonie
#13022 cannot download from MythWeb when on IPv6 0.28.1 unknown Stuart Auchterlonie
#13354 cannot download from MythWeb when on IPv6 v29.1 unknown Stuart Auchterlonie
#11782 Fatal Error on encode User Job Master Head unknown
#13384 mythweb incorrectly shows cheduled Unspecified needs_triage
#11096 Settings might be silently reset if DB is unavailable 0.25.2 unknown
#12708 audio sync issues with DTS pass through audio created with latest Handbrake Unspecified unknown
#11988 mythutil --scanvideos inserts full path of files breaking mythweb 0.27-fixes unknown
#12780 debian mythweb package fails to install if mysql password contains a forward slash 0.28.0 unknown
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