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Find daily/weekly rules do not set find* fiields when created in MythWeb

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kFindDaily and kFindWeekly rules rely on the 'findtime'and 'findday' fields in the 'mythconverg.record' table. However, these are set to empty defaults when one of these rules are created from MythWeb.

To reproduce, from MythWeb chose a show that appears on several different days of the week and select a showing on any day other than Monday. I chose "Charlie Rose" on Wed. Choose "Find and record one showing of this title each week."

The result should be to record this Wed (today in my test) and next Wed. The result was that it selected Friday, next Monday and the following Monday. This is becase the find* fields are empty:

mysql> select findtime,findday from record where title='Charlie Rose';
| findtime | findday |
| 00:00:00 |       0 |
1 row in set (0.01 sec)

If I create a similar rule for another show from within mythfrontend:

mysql> select findtime,findday from record where title='Zoom';
| findtime | findday |
| 15:30:00 |       4 |
1 row in set (0.01 sec)

This schedules the correct showings for this Wed and next Wed.

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Is this the same as #465? If so, #465 was closed/fixed by [7482] (which, coincidentally, was committed by bjm--it's easy to forget about an issue from 4 months/362 tickets before ;).

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Resolved by #465

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