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Recordedprogram Missing Records For Reactivated and Modified Start Recordings

Reported by: anonymous Owned by: gigem
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Component: mythtv Version: 0.18.1
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This may sound similar to ticket #102, but I believe it is a separate issue. Not knowing the expected functionality, it might not be a bug, however, I thought I would post it here just to be sure. I have noticed two scenarios that will cause a recording to not be entered into the recordedprogram table.

The first scenario occurred when I cancelled an 'in progress' recording, and then restarted the recording. When it finished, it was not in the table. I was able to recreate this issue consistently on a number of recordings. To recreate…

  1. Wait for a normally scheduled program to start recording
  2. Check recordedprogram to see that the record exists for that recording (it sould)
  3. Cancel the recording
  4. Check recordedprogram to see that the record was deleted
  5. Reactivate the recording
  6. Check recordedpgrogram…on my system, there was no record for the ‘reactivated’ recording

The second scenario occurred when I changed the start time of a recording to be five minutes later. After the recording finished, there was no record of this in recordedprogram. Normally scheduled recordings that occurred later made it into the table. Here’s how I recreated the problem:

  1. Change the start time of a recording to be a few minutes later
  2. Let the recording occur
  3. Check recordedprogram…on my system, there was no record for this recording

Just trying to help where I can.

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Are you looking for the actual starttime of the recording in recordedprogram or the normal starttime of the program? The normal starttime (from the program table) is used. There are only 3 places this table is referenced in Myth, the first is where the record is inserted when the recording starts. This is in the same function that is responsible roe recording the filename, hostname, etc of the host the recording was made on, so we know this is called properly or there would be other issues. The 2nd place is a select so that can't be deleting data. The 3rd place is where we delete recordings. A problem could arise if you have a single program that is recorded in 2 recordings such as when you stop and restart. When the first part is deleted, the recordedprogram entry for the program is deleted even though the second part of the program is still around in another recording. This case should be easily fixed in MainServer::DoDeleteThread?() by just checking to see if this recording is the last part of a program being deleted.

comment:4 Changed 15 years ago by cpinkham

(In [7986]) Refs #105.

Don't delete recordedrating, recordedprogram, and recordedcredits table entries for a program when we delete the recorded table entry unless we're deleting the last recording with that same progstart. Previously if you had 2 recordings covering the same program (such as when you stop and restart a recording for some reason), the three tables above would be cleaned up when the first part was deleted. Should Close #105. If it doesn't, then the ticket can be reopened if someone has more detailed information.

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Should this be closed? Marked as 'fixed' and I can't duplicate the behavior with current SVN.

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