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buttonlist widget doesn't navigate right when drawnfrombottom is set to "yes"

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Component: MythTV - User Interface Library Version: 0.26.1
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What I did with the configuration of the buttonlist to be used in the gallery view is this:

<layout>grid</layout> <scrollstyle>free</scrollstyle> <arrange>fixed</arrange> <align>allcenter</align> <wrapstyle>items</wrapstyle> <showarrow>no</showarrow> <drawfrombottom>yes</drawfrombottom>

The <wrapstyle> attribute is set to "items" to make the buttonlist jump to the beginning and causes the appearance of the list to fill the screen when there are more columns and row in the list then there are on the screen. Where it goes wrong is when the attribute <drawfrombottom> is set to "yes". This causes the buttonlist to be drawn from the right bottom of the area which is set in the <buttonarea>, but doesn't take into account that due to the list being drawn in reverse order the rows might add up differently when not all rows and columns are filled by the items in the list: this is what is causing the navigation to screw up :(


so we have 3 rows of 10 icons. The first row is empty except for the last column (so I have 21 icons). when I'm on the 2nd row, with the cursor on the 9th column. Going right move the cursor position row 1, column 10

In the case of this setup, it jumps to what it thinks is the first item in the row when the right arrow is pressed (which would be correct if the list was drawn top to bottom).

Please see mythaeon theme, video gallery window, for occurrence of this faulty behavior.

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