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With 2 IPTV capture cards, the second captures from the wrong IP

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I have just added a second IPTV capture card to my system. There are two .m3u files, one populated with the IP numbers of the first card, the other with the IP numbers of the second card. When two simultaneous recordings are to be made, the system correctly changes channel on the appropriate STBs, but the data stream that is supposed to come from capture card 2 is being drawn, instead, from capture card 1. So I get two copies of the same content, rather than one of each.

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For details on how this is set up, see the wiki:

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This is on branch fixes/0.28. Version v0.28.1-44-gebd69ec, which appears to be taken at commit ebd69ec33b67df52628eedcb1dca647306cfc887 from August 29.

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Investigating this further, it appears that this is related to the channel scanning when setting up the IPTV box. The iptv_channel table is populated by the most recently scanned card, any previous records loaded by IPTV cards that reference the same chanid are overwritten. So there can only be a single IP number associated with a particular chanid.

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I have found a solution. The problem is that the IPTV boxes cannot share a video source. So, go into the video sources editor in mythtv-setup, and create a new video source. It can use exactly the same schedulesdirect lineup that the original video source uses. You then go into "input connections" and make sure that the two IPTV boxes are on different video sources. Do the channel scan to populate the database, and you can, with appropriate scripting tricks described in the quoted wiki page in comment#1, record one show per encoder. I would recommend that there be some very visible warning in mythtv-setup to let the user know that you cannot have multiple IPTV boxes using the same video source.

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