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    11Android support is taking shape. Here is a list of issues to look into, with emphasis on Nvidia Shield / Android TV:
    2 * Exit from frontend causes a SEGFAULT.
     2* Exit from frontend causes a SEGFAULT. '''(Now Fixed)'''
    33* The first startup hangs on white screen. Needs a splash screen?
    44* Second startup hangs trying to locate the Myth Backend. Perhaps UPNP is not working? I solved it by manually creating the config.xml file. Check what is going on and if necessary set up the best way of doing this.
    55* The shield remote does not have enough buttons. Add appropriate OSDs or menus to support all functions with the limited buttons available. Fix the bahaviour of the back button.
    66* Support for Game controller buttons does not work correctly.
    7 * Green line at the bottom of the screen when watching video.
     7* ~~Green line at the bottom of the screen when watching video.~~ See #13230
    88* Digital audio is not working. There is only one audio device in the list, OpenSLES and setting up digital audio causes strange behavior.
    99* When MythTV goes into the background, it should enter standby mode.
    1010* Remove Xvideo playback profiles that will not work.
    1111* Ensure default theme painter uses OpenGL.
    12 * Support hardware accelerated decode.
     12* ~~Support hardware accelerated decode.~~ See #13233
    1313* I noticed a white flash sometimes when navigating screens. Maybe the default background should be black not white.
    1414* If Android needs to terminate the app while it is in the background, make sure that is handled cleanly.