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edit cutlist does not save

Reported by: indulis Owned by: Isaac Richards
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I am running mythtv 0.19, SVN 10113

If I view a recording, go into edit mode (E), and set a cut point (Space)- then select delete before, then press E again to exit edit mode and go into play mode. WHen I go back into edit mode (E), there is no cutlist (also tried loading it using Z just in case, still nothing).

Either there is a bug, or the mythconverg schema has not been updated somewhere along the way- I'm not an SQL expert but it looks to me like a value of '0 - 7315 <CR>' is being inserted into the "cutlist" field of the "recorded" table. On my system the cutlist field in the recording table is defined as type "tinyint".

Here is the mythfronted SQL generated from trying to insert a single cut point into the cutlist.

2006-06-04 13:06:49.810 MSqlQuery: SELECT editing FROM recorded WHERE chanid = '1737' AND starttime = '2006-06-03T19:25:00' ;
2006-06-04 13:06:49.811 MSqlQuery: SELECT editing FROM recorded WHERE chanid = '1737' AND starttime = '2006-06-03T19:25:00' ;
2006-06-04 13:06:49.932 MSqlQuery: SELECT icon FROM channel WHERE chanid = '1737' ;
2006-06-04 13:06:49.990 MSqlQuery: UPDATE recorded SET editing = 1 WHERE chanid = '1737' AND starttime = '2006-06-03T19:25:00' ;
2006-06-04 13:06:57.212 MSqlQuery: DELETE FROM recordedmarkup WHERE chanid = '1737' AND STARTTIME = '2006-06-03T19:25:00' AND type = -3 ;
2006-06-04 13:06:57.214 MSqlQuery: SELECT starttime FROM recorded WHERE chanid = '1737' AND starttime = '2006-06-03T19:25:00' ;
2006-06-04 13:06:57.279 MSqlQuery: INSERT INTO recordedmarkup (chanid, starttime, mark, type) VALUES ( '1737' , '2006-06-03T19:25:00' , '0' , -3 );
2006-06-04 13:06:57.281 MSqlQuery: UPDATE recorded SET cutlist = '0 - 7315
' WHERE chanid = '1737' AND starttime = '2006-06-03T19:25:00' ;
2006-06-04 13:06:57.286 MSqlQuery: SELECT cutlist FROM recorded WHERE chanid = '1737' AND starttime = '2006-06-03T19:25:00' ;
2006-06-04 13:06:57.288 MSqlQuery: UPDATE recorded SET editing = 0 WHERE chanid = '1737' AND starttime = '2006-06-03T19:25:00' ;

Here is the mythbackend SQL from the same time (nothing much here though)

2006-06-04 13:06:10.521 MSqlQuery: SELECT, j.chanid, j.starttime, j.inserttime, j.type, j.cmds, j.flags, j.status, j.statustime, j.hostname, j.args, j.comment, r.endtime FROM jobqueue j, recorded r WHERE j.chanid = r.chanid AND j.starttime = r.starttime ORDER BY j.inserttime, j.chanid,;
2006-06-04 13:06:24.735 MSqlQuery: SELECT chanid, starttime, lastupdatetime, recusage,  hostname FROM inuseprograms;
2006-06-04 13:06:24.739 MSqlQuery: SELECT recorded.chanid, starttime,   endtime,            title,           subtitle,    description,        hostname,        channum,     name,               callsign,        seriesid,    programid,          recorded.        recpriority, progstart,        progend,         filesize,    recgroup FROM recorded LEFT JOIN channel ON recorded.chanid = channel.chanid WHERE recgroup = 'LiveTV' AND endtime < DATE_ADD(starttime, INTERVAL '2' MINUTE) AND endtime <= DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL '-1' MINUTE)  AND hostname = 'kato'  ORDER BY autoexpire DESC, starttime ASC

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Can't repro with current svn.

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