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Automatic Recording Group Playback

Reported by: anonymous Owned by: Isaac Richards
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Component: mythtv Version: 0.20-fixes
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I record my recordings to several Recording Groups. A Recording Group for my 3 year old son contains many recording from 5-10 minutes long and about 10-15 recordings a day. The series are constraint to allow a maximum of 2 recordings, overwriting older ones. My son looks 4 times a day for about 20 minutes to an hour. Making several playlists a day is tedious job.

The existing Menu-option "Add this Group to Playlist" at the Recording Group is in my Opinion a useless option, as I don't think someone wil select all recordings starting always with the oldest ones.

What I would like is something what I named "Automatic Recording Group Playback": The user can pick a recording from a recording group, which is configured for "Automatic Playlist Playback". After the playback finishes a bookmark is set (see my sidenote below) and the next recording (newer date or respecting the defined sorting) is automatically shown. The bookmark functions like a marker identifying the user which recordings have been seen and the user can use to start a new playback session.

Sidenote: mythtv lacks an Icon identifying a recording has been seen. The bookmark can be used for it, after the recording finishes, instead of not setting a bookmark, it could (should) set a bookmark on the first frame.

Alternative to the existing "Menu - Recording List Menu - Add this recording to Playlist" a new option "Add this and newer recordings to Playlist" could be presented to the user. Afterwards the user needs to "only" select the "Menu - Recording List Menu - Playlist options" and "Play". A further alternative which is much easier as the previous one would be an Option in the "Recording List Menu": "Play this and newer Recordings".

One of the alternatives would help be a lot, so I like to hear from you what your thoughts about this are.

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Feature request without a patch - Read the Ticket HowTo?.

In addition you are requesting features (marking recordings as watched) which have already been added to SVN.

comment:2 Changed 14 years ago by anonymous

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Hello I made modifications to the latest svn. I implemented "Automatic Recording Group Playback". It configures a recording group to a "automatic recording group". A recording is playbacked. When it is finished, it picks the next (by date desc) recording. DB-Table and Menus are updated. It works great. I didn't not yet implement setting a bookmark when finished, because I didn't understand your reply: marking recordings as watched. Could you be more specific what is meant with this in regard to my proposed solution of setting a bookmark.

I would like to share my modifications, but your link is invalid. How do I share my modifications and how it will be tested and maybe accepted in a future release ?

comment:3 Changed 14 years ago by stuartm

We already show an icon when recordings have been watched. This feature is available in SVN. If you are using SVN and you should see a new icon appear (depending on the theme) when you have reached the end of a recording, or exit playback within a certain % of the end.

comment:4 Changed 14 years ago by cpinkham

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Anonymous, if you're still around, attach your patch to this ticket and someone will take a look at it when we get a chance. I'd like to see more than the existing methods as well. I'd like for someone to implement some kind of load/save feature also to save a list of recordings and their playback order, but that is a bigger job. If you'd like to discuss either this or your existing patch, please do so on the mythtv-dev mailing list, trac is not for discussions. Once you attach a patch, you can reopen the ticket. I'm reclosing it for now.

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